Meet the Atlanta guy behind this sexy Tumblr blog

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You'll quickly get lured in by the beautiful guys he reblogs on Tumblr. But who is the gay Atlanta guy behind the sexy collection of images and gifs on BoyStar22? Meet Kevin Salas, a man who finds beauty both in front of and behind the camera.

Salas, who lives in Atlanta's suburbs with his partner, feeds a steady stream of social media sexiness. He talked with us about his Tumblr blog, beauty, body image and why his friends dubbed him the “Crazy Cat Lady.”

Your Tumblr and its endless stream of images of male models, and a few naughtier models, is what first caught our attention. Why do you post these?

Originally I just started to favorite pictures from other blogs that I deemed attractive. Mostly to use as motivation for myself to start playing a more active role in getting myself in better shape. After a while of favoriting pictures I just decided to reblog a few. My Twitter and Tumblr accounts grew substantially once I started to actually reblog things that I had found, and the feedback was positive, too. Apparently I must have good taste.

Body image always sparks a discussion among gay men. What are your thoughts about loving your body and no driving yourself crazy for an unattainable (or photoshopped) idea of a body proportions?

When I look at these models on Tumblr I know that there is a substantial amount of makeup and post processing behind the scenes to make them look so perfect and photoshopped. While I would love to look like some of these people, I whole-heartedly know that will never happen. I don’t have a perfect body, a perfect face or even a perfect personality. My quirks are what make me an individual and I am honestly happy being myself.

Do your Tumblr posts reinforce those stereotypes?

Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? I’m sure to many my Tumblr posts do support the idea that being perfect is the ultimate achievement, but everyone has a different idea of what perfect is. People only see what they want to. I’m not shoving these pictures down everyone’s throat telling them that this is what you should look like. I am simply metaphorically walking down the street taking notice of what I like behind a pair of aviators and whispering in your ear, “Hey, I like that.” If you want to look feel free; if not, you don’t have to.

Looking over your Tumblr gallery, can you describe the hottest man to us?

For myself, the men I find the most attractive are the boy-next-door type. The ones that don’t kill themselves in the gym and aren’t super muscular, but have a little definition. Clean and well groomed with a nice sense of style when it comes to hair. Hair is always the first thing I take notice in. Above all else though, if he genuinely doesn’t believe he is “all that” then it makes him that much better. An ego will drop you straight off my radar.

Even more spectacular than your Tumblr is your own photography. What attracted you to the camera and photography?

I have always had an appreciation for good photography but never had the equipment or knowledge to pursue it until I met my partner. He introduced me to using a camera and gave me tips on the best way to shoot various subjects. I finally bought my own camera and went to town. Ironically the majority of my own photography is of nature, which isn’t my actual preference. I prefer urban landscape, but living OTP means that finding local subject matter is a bit challenging.

Your photos capture beauty in nature and I can’t help but draw a connection to your Tumblr account and if there are any parallels in defining beauty?

When in nature I am always drawn to the outsider. I will find the one dandelion in the field of tulips. The things that seem out of place or that don’t belong are what always get my attention. I guess you could say I appreciate the unique which can also be said when it comes to beauty in the male form.

Can you describe your picture-perfect moment for your life now?

My life right now is picture perfect. I just celebrated my birthday and couldn’t feel more alive. I’ve been with my partner, Billy, for eight years and love him more every day. Our two cats are the best children I could ask for. I also have a huge group of friends that always have my back. What more could I ask for?

Why do you describe yourself as Crazy Cat Lady?

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for the first use of the term to describe myself. I’ve heard it from several friends time and time again. My cats Bailey “B” and Loki are family to me. My boyfriend and I are not planning for children, and in many ways our cats are our children. We nurture for them and they love us in return. Both are rescues that I would like to think have a great home and family because of us.

If you could tag your 13-year old self in an Instagram photo, what would it be a picture of?

A trampoline. When I was 13 my best friends and I always spent what seemed like hours every evening after school on the trampoline. Whether it was spraying it with the hose and turning it into a bouncing slip n’ slide or jumping at dusk trying to catch fireflies we had an unbelievable amount of fun on that thing.

Check out BoyStar22 and Salas' photography, then follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


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