Meet Out Georgia’s 100 ‘Most Influential LGBTQ+ Georgians’

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From A to Lil Nas X, the Out Georgia Business Alliance unveiled its first-ever list of the Most Influential LGBTQ+ Georgians this week. It honors a diverse slate of people across politics, business, entertainment, activism and civic affairs. 

The list of 100 people reads as a Who’s Who of LGBTQ influencers across the state. Out Georgia revealed the names on Tuesday as it kicked off its three-day LGBTQ+ Business Summit & Community Honors. 

“It is our honor to recognize these Georgians who are using their influence to impact the lives of countless LGBTQ+ people, here in Georgia and beyond,” Michael Daniels, Out Georgia’s board president, said in a press release. 

The list includes several transgender activists and leaders of trans-focused non-profit and HIV organizations, inclusion that coincided with it being released during Transgender Awareness Week. 

“With the announcement of Out Georgia’s 2020 Most Influential LGBTQ+ Georgians list falling during Transgender Awareness Week, we had a special emphasis on spotlighting Transgender and Gender Nonconforming honorees from our community,” said Chris Lugo, Out Georgia’s executive director, said in the press release. 

“We are thrilled to highlight TGNC, BlPOC, and LGBTQ+ Georgians who are making our state, and our world, a better place,” he added.

The list includes trans activists Taylor Alxndr and Micky Bradford, co-founders of Southern Fried Queer Pride; La Gender founder DeeDee Chamblee; Gabrielle Claiborne, CEO of Transformation Journeys Worldwide; Chanel Haley, gender policy manager of Georgia Equality; Transgender American Veterans Association founder Monica Helms; Justine Ingram, a board member at the Trans Housing Atlanta Program; Tracee McDaniel, founder of Juxtaposed Center for Transformation; Feroza Syed, a member of the Mayor’s LGBTQ Advisory Board in Atlanta; and Connor Fair, who recently became the first trans Homecoming King in Georgia.

The list also includes several current and former LGBTQ elected officials, including state Reps. Park Cannon, Sam Park and Matthew Wilson; Kim Jackson, the first Black LGBTQ person elected to the Georgia Senate; Everton Blair, the first Black LGBTQ person elected to the Gwinnett School Board; Doraville Mayor Joseph Geierman; Stephe Koontz, the state’s only transgender elected official; and Simone Bell, who was the first African-American lesbian to win election to a state legislature in the U.S.

Also included are LGBTQ people in media, including Matt Hennie, who founded Project Q Atlanta in 2008 and operates it with co-publisher and veteran journalist Mike Fleming; WSB anchor Jorge Estevez; Georgia Voice Publisher Tim Boyd, Wussy Mag founder Jon Dean; Eldredge ATL Editor Rich Eldredge; and Out on Film Executive Director Jim Farmer.

Religious leaders on the list include Bishop O.C. Allen, founder of the Vision Cathedral; Rabbi Joshua Lesser of Congregation Bet Haverim; Rev. Josh Noblitt, Associate Pastor and Minister of Social Justice & Pastoral Care at Saint Mark United Methodist Church; and Bishop-Elect Sonya E. Williams, the founder of Real Inspiration Ministries Fellowship UCC.

The list also includes Gerald Bostock, the plaintiff at the center of a historic U.S. Supreme Court decision granting workplace protections to LGBTQ people, and David Cowan, the deaf interpreter for Georgia governors during times of crisis.

UPDATE | Out Georgia celebrates Atlanta’s top LGBTQ Business leaders

The full list of Most Influential LGBTQ+ Georgians:

  • Mary Anne Adams
  • O.C. Allen, III
  • Taylor Alxndr
  • Kia Barnes
  • Derek Baugh
  • Simone Bell
  • Everton Blair
  • Petrina Bloodworth & Emma Foulkes
  • Gerald Bostock
  • Tim Boyd
  • Micky Bradford
  • Barret Broussard
  • Malik Brown
  • Percy Brown
  • Park Cannon
  • Nury Lizeth Castro
  • Angie Celeste Snow 
  • DeeDee Chamblee
  • Dusty Church
  • Gabrielle Claiborne
  • Paul Conroy
  • Tony Conway
  • Tori Cooper
  • David Cowan
  • Lisa Cunningham
  • Jon Dean
  • Lucretia Doyle
  • Richard Eldredge
  • Jorge Estevez
  • Connor Fair
  • Jim Farmer
  • Jamie Fergerson
  • Glen Paul Freedman
  • Charlie Frew
  • Matthew Garrett
  • Joseph Geierman
  • Jeff Graham
  • Zahara Green
  • Chanel Haley
  • Cale Robert Hall
  • Dave Hayward
  • Monica Helms
  • Matt Hennie
  • David Holland
  • Darlene Hudson
  • Pat Hussain
  • Justine Ingram
  • Kim Jackson
  • Dana Johnson
  • Bill Kaelin
  • Matt Keith
  • Dionne Kettl
  • Stephe Koontz
  • Kyle Lamont
  • Joshua Lesser
  • Ivette LópezFreeman
  • Annise Mabry
  • David Malebranche
  • Reese McCranie
  • Tracee McDaniel
  • Jaye Meggs
  • James Mintz
  • Kenyatta Mitchell
  • Sandy Mollett
  • Joshua Noblitt
  • Sam Park
  • Matt Parkey
  • Eric Paulk
  • Emile Pinera
  • Kurtis Purtee
  • Nathan Regan
  • David Reznik
  • Kirk Rich
  • Ryan Roche
  • Ryan Roemerman
  • Angelica Ross
  • Jonathan Russell
  • Brian Sawyer
  • Larry Scott-Walker
  • Michael Shutt
  • Holiday Simmons
  • Juan and Gee Smalls
  • Fred Smith
  • Rickie Smith
  • Sybastian Smith
  • Rebecca Stapel-Wax
  • Charles Stephens
  • Pamela Stewart
  • Peter Stinner
  • Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker (Steven Igarashi-Ball)
  • Feroza Syed
  • Hillary Thomas
  • Brian Tolleson
  • Alex Wan
  • Craig Washington
  • Sonya E. Williams
  • Toni-Michelle Williams
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Cathy Woolard
  • Lil Nas X


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