LGBT groups want Georgia out of anti-trans suit

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LGBT activists are calling on Georgia's new attorney general to drop the state's participation in a lawsuit challenging federal guidelines on the treatment of transgender students.

Attorney Chris Carr (photo) was sworn in as the state's 54th attorney general on Nov. 1, replacing Sam Olens who was a controversial pick as president of Kennesaw State University. Olens joined 12 other states in suing the federal government over the trans guidelines in May after initially questioning whether the state had legal standing to sue.

Politics convinced Olens it did and opponents of the transgender guidelines won an injunction in August. The guidelines – which call for trans students to use restrooms and other facilities that align with their gender identity – ignited anti-LGBT potty wars across Georgia.

Now a coalition of LGBT and progressive groups – Georgia Equality, Georgia Unites Against Discrimination and Freedom For All Americans – wants Carr to remove Georgia from “this heinous lawsuit.” The groups began lobbying Carr the day he became the state's top lawyer.

Earlier this year, Georgia signed onto a harmful lawsuit along with nearly two dozen other states in a shameful effort to roll-back protections for transgender Americans. The goal? To grant license to discriminate against transgender people.

But our new Attorney General Chris Carr, who was just sworn in last week, has an opportunity to change that. With the stroke of a pen, AG Carr can remove Georgia from this lawsuit—and send the message that NO one should be discriminated against just because of who they are, including transgender Americans.

The groups said Carr has two options – waste public money by continuing Georgia's participation in the lawsuit or drop out and “send the message that our state is open for business to everyone.”

The groups also asked supporters to sign a petition called,Tell Attorney General Chris Carr: End Georgia's Involvement in Anti-Transgender Attacks.

Georgia is the #1 state to do business—but this shameful lawsuit targeting transgender people for unfair treatment and harm could ruin our state's reputation and tank the economy. This lawsuit is giving Georgia a bad name, and we need to send the message that our state is stronger when everyone is included and protected from discrimination.

Add your name below to join Georgia Equality, Georgia Unites Against Discrimination, Freedom for All Americans, and thousands across Georgia and nationwide in speaking up for transgender Americans—and against shameful attempts to roll back key protections.

We've reached out to Carr's office and will update the post with any response.


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