Let’s talk about it! Q’s 2019 Queer Sex Survey results

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Q’s 2019 Sex Survey got down and dirty with our readers, and the results are in. This week, we run down what hundreds of LGBTQ respondents had to say about doing it in the ATL.

Just for fun, to spark some discussions, and to see if we could spot any trends, we posted an online sex survey for three weeks in July. 

The survey provided some insights into a broad swath of local LGBTQs, but the preponderance of gay male respondents, and wide variance among queers in general, was enough to warrant a second feature in our sex issue.

For even more insights, check out 10 Things About Lesbian Sex, which is inclusive transgender lesbians, in this issue, and notes on methodology from our editor.

Without further ado, for the official 2019 Q Sex Survey results, just keep scrolling.


Boos, Baes and Beauxs

43% Single

26% Married

16% Partnered

11% Boyfriend or Girlfriend or Themfriend

2.6% Polyamorous


Meet & Greet


Respondents chose one or more answers. Here’s where we meet sex partners:

61% Hookup Apps

44% Bars

32% Dating Sites

18% Coffee shops and Restaurants

14% Sex Clubs, Spas, Adult Shops

13% Gym

7% Mutual Friends

3% Gay Campgrounds


This Is Me

65% Keep nude or erotic selfies, 40% share them with select others, 30% Don’t

Oh hey: 8% of those responding have their nudes widely available on the internet



Other than the bedroom, the most popular places to have sex were outdoors in parks, campgrounds and the woods with 27% of responses. Balconies and in front of windows came in second with 14%, living rooms and public restrooms came in third with 13% each. Sex in the living room came in fourth.

Interesting one-off responses: College classrooms, office, and “only in the corners of my mind.”



55% of LGBTQ Atlantans in our survey have or have had sex with the opposite sex. 43% Have not. 2% Would rather forget, and one person is not sure (?).


Totes Vers

About two-thirds of you are versatile when it comes sex roles. Verse Tops are pretty evenly matched with Verse Bottoms (27% to 24% respectively), and 24% of overall respondents label themselves as Totally Versatile. 

One person’s soliloquy: “Would rather bottom, but I grudgingly top when requested because of the bottom to top ratio in this city.” But is it true? See below:

Only 18% Bottom & Submissive. Atlanta’s famous “total bottoms”? Not as big a percentage as legend would have it. Then again, only 11% call themselves “All Top.”


Pay to Play

60% of respondents say that they have never paid or been paid for sex. 15% say once, another 15% say sometimes, and about 9% say that we all pay for it one way or another. A little less than 2% say “all the time.”



The average penis size may be 5.1 inches, but in Atlanta, queers with penises self-reported a 7-inch average. More than 84% said their own is 6-8 inches. 9.4% said 5” or less, and 6.4% said 9”-11”.

Does size matter? To LGBTQ respondents who have sex with cis men, 38% said “Maybe.” 35% said “No.” 27% said “Yes.”


Fetish Fun

Underwear & lingerie were the top fetish with 40%, Leather came in second with 32%, and Younger or Older made 31%. 

Notable Runners Up: BDSM, sports gear, rubber, armpits and feet. Those that included one or more of those among their interests covered about 60% of respondents.


Daily Grind

Most of us reach down for alone time a few times a week: 43%. A quarter of LGBTQ respondents in Atlanta masturbate once a day, and about 14% more than once a day. The rest are equally divided between once a week and once a month.


Toy Soldiers

More than three-quarters (78%) of our survey say they use sex toys, with 51% reporting multiple options in their nightstand. 21% say they don’t own or use sex toys, and one person prefers to make their own.


Together We Can

Atlanta is all about its groups and throuples. 82% have had sex with more than one partner at the same time. Of those, more than about half do so occasionally or all the time.

I Never: 18% have never had sex with more than one person at the same time.


Safety Tools

47% of LGBTQ Atlanta respondents prefer condoms for STD prevention. 37% said PrEP or TasP is in their arsenal. 3% report using birth control devices for vaginal safety, and 8% limit themselves to non-insertive sex. 27% combine or alternate these methods.

Notable: 45% say they bareback or use no protection regularly or sometimes. 2% cited monogamy as their only STD prevention. One person said they don’t get tattoos, nor do they they have sex with people who have tattoos, as a means of prevention (yes, really).


70% Homewreckers

Three out of four queer Atlanta respondents have cheated or helped someone cheat on a relationship. Of those, 29% regret it, 31% would do it again under the same circumstances, and 9% cheat or help cheat regularly.


While this survey provided some insights into a broad swath of local LGBTQs, the preponderance of gay male respondents, and variance among us in general, was enough to warrant a second feature in our sex issue. For more insights, check out 10 Things About Lesbian Sex, which is inclusive transgender lesbians, in this issue, and notes on methodology from our editor.

This feature originally ran in Q magazine. Read the full issue online here:

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