Le Sexoflex’s freak-nasty party band invasion

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The straight-inclusive, sex-positive, anything-goes Atlanta band Le Sexoflex is back with more unapologetic insanity. If you have no idea what that means, this interview might not help. But like sex sometimes, you might be sore but still glad you came.

The band that local alternaqueers and MondoHomies love to love longtime appears during their Freak Nasty party at Mary’s on Friday. It’s a highly anticipated return to gay Atlanta, and the event signals the fresh release of their new album “The Naughty Contest” (photos) and the video for the single “Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos.” The video was shot in January at Mary’s with the usual crowd in tow.

Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos? Yes, in fact, that’s totally how it is. And we love them for it.

You may know some or all of the band members from other aspects of their lives, but when they get together onstage as one, Le Sexoflex takes on alter egos and a penchant for ear and flesh orgies. The concept and resulting art is wholly unique to them.

For even more insight into the band’s vibe and why the music and event are considered “don’t-miss” by many who are over the same-ol nightlife, we asked Le Sexoflex headmistress Miss Lady Flex to clue us in.

Le Sexoflex calls itself “Sexxxiest band in the whoole mothafuckin’ wooorld.” Really? That’s a big claim. How do you figure?

“This car will change your life” is a big claim. “This soda will help you snowboard off a mountainside” is a big claim. “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman” is a big claim. “Sexxxiest band in the whooole mothafuckin’ wooorld” is a big fact. We even have our certificate from the Guinness Book of Wooorld Records to prove it.

Who makes up this sexy collection? And rumor has it that you’re all gay? Some of you are gay? We’re nosy queers. What’s the sitch?

Our current roster is Miss Lady Flex on lead mouth sounds, Peep Peep on rap blaps, Princess Genius on royal family sex tones, and DJ Homosexual on space bar. Vas D left us for the space program but did provide some last minute album cover magic as an emission from Uranus! As far as the rumor goes, we forgot the meaning of the word “gay” many bathtub orgies ago, but all of our pointy and biscuity parts are equal opportunity employers.

Give us your elevator pitch for the group. You know, how would you describe it to someone in the quick span of an elevator ride up Metropolis to meet that Grindr trick?

Peaches meets Lil’ Kim meets the Scissor Sisters with a Mr. Show rim. For people who like glitter or jokes about meaty bits. Music to hump to.

What’s your music like? Does your raunch-meets-glamour extend to your music?

Our music sounds like late night German discotheque anthems that you can play at pep rallies. Warning: Do not play us at pep rallies. Our selves and our music are both a paradox — pop that can’t be played for everyone; diamonds that are less Zales and more Bedazzled; rap that wants to play a different game. We’re elegance through the lens of a Kroger Plus card.

“The Naughty Contest” dropped on Tuesday. Where does it fit into the Le Sexoflex legend, how did it come about, and what can listeners expect from the album?

After “Le MiXXtape: Invagine the Pussibilities” came out, and the accompanying videos (“Poop on Face,” “Twincest,” “Juiceboxxx”) were released, we meandered in the revelry of non-fame, and dealt with personal turmoils like the faux fur shortage of 2011, the rise and fall of the caramel macchiato, the hot tub at the Sexoplex getting clogged, and brain tumors.

Once Vas D left the band to accept a space mission orbiting Ur-anus, we recruited DJ Homo and began working on our next mixtape, which ultimately turned into this album.

“The Naughty Contest” is a collection of ditties for your balls and your titties, featuring odes to consensual threesomes (“Mind If I”), desires for gyrating your loins on latex (“Fashion Fucker”), perverted boy sex (“Piggy Piggy”), junk in Gym Shorts (“Gym Shorts”), and several other equally educational topics that were important to explore in this period of human history.

We rounded it out with a few interludes as a love letter to Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic.”

“Band Interests. Burgers in Butts.” Please explain.

I’d love to explain it to you but the burger in my butt is preventing a proper response.

Do you have groupies? Roadies? In other words, does this gig as Le Sexoflex get you laid?

Honey child, we invented getting laid. Forget that whole “sex is necessary to perpetuate the species” junk. It’s necessary for a good time.

We like to think Le Sexoflex gets other people laid.

Lots of people help us with our live shows. Our groupies become our roadies. Everyone gets road head and grouper shooters.

What can people expect from your album release party, “Freak Nasty” on Friday?

Spanks for asking! We are hot droppin’ the new “Suck Dick, Eat Cheetos” music video directed by our pal Dave Bonawits. We found him through a pro-MSG message board and liked his stance on flavor dust for non profit. Otherwise, wear your sluttiest attire and prepare for a hot sweaty mess. If you get laid one night this year, this is the night.

Anything else y’all want to share with our readers?

Our album “The Naughty Contest” is Pay What You Can over at Bandcamp, starting at zero dollars. You can download it for free, stream it, or throw us gold coins if you want the monkeys to dance a little longer.

Like Le Sexoflex on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Get lost in their Instagram. Tumble down their Tumblr rabbit hole. And oh yeah, watch their videos and listen to their music.

Photos by Josh Meister Photography


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