KKK fliers target trans people in metro Atlanta

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The Ku Klux Klan targets transgender people in fliers they used to litter a Douglas County neighborhood with over the weekend, calling them an “abomination.”

The fliers, titled Transgender, call trans people “freaks,” an “abomination” and a threat to the safety of women and children. They also quote Bible verses and tell someone “if you have a penis – use the mens room” and “if you have a vagina – use the ladies room.”

If you are confused, the pamphlets warns, “use a tree out in the back yard.”

The fliers appear to be the work of the Loyal White Knights, a KKK chapter based in Pelham, N.C. The same group papered neighborhoods in Atlanta and Rockdale County in June 2015 with racist and anti-gay fliers as part of a membership drive.

But residents of the Douglas County neighborhood that was the latest target of the KKK rejected the hate-filled fliers.

“We have a diverse neighborhood and people are proud of our neighborhood. This is not something to be proud of,” Evan Brennan told WSB.

Neighbor Samantha Martin agreed.

“It's sick. It's something I never want to see in my yard,” Martin told WSB.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is investigating the fliers, WSB reported.

The pamphlets also complain about new federal guidelines concerning the treatment of transgender students in schools. On May 13, the Obama administration issued a sweeping directive to public school districts across the country mandating that they allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. The measure is not law but school districts that don't follow it could face lawsuits or the loss of federal funds. The guidelines also call for schools to provide access to all programs to transgender students, refer to them by their chosen names and pronouns, put in place safeguards to keep their gender identity private and respond to reports of harassment.

The guidelines ignited a controversy in Georgia, which joined 10 other states in a federal lawsuit to block them. The state's top leaders denounced the guidelines, Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods told schools to ignore them, state lawmakers threatened a legislative response and parents in Fannin County called trans people “perverts” and “pedophiles.” Even the head of the ACLU of Georgia resigned over the issue and created a transphobic video on her way out the door.

UPDATE | The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said there's not much they can do, according to the AJC. The fliers were reported to them on Tuesday.

“There's no crime being committed,” Lt. Glenn Daniel said. “It's one person's opinion. It's one group's opinion.”


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