Joining Hearts eye candy teases jam-packed weekend

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That sound growing louder by the hour is the buzz over Joining Hearts, gay Atlanta’s biggest charity pool party and its all-weekend accompanying parties. Here's some show and tell on what keeps hundreds coming back every year.

The annual event series has led its loyal gays down a party path fromwinter through just last month. Now there are only a few items left on your Joining Hearts to-do list before hitting the Piedmont Park pool for the main event, which benefits AID Atlanta and Jerusalem House. The event features DJ Grind, an opening set by DJ Deanne, and a live performance by Debby Holiday.

First, make all-weekend plans for the Friday Kickoff Party with DJ Joe Geauthreaux at Heretic plus a DJ Karlitos All-Nighterafterward at Xion. Alongside Saturday’s 28th annual main-event, catch the Beach Ball getaway to Ten down the street, as well as Saturday night’s Joining Hearts Afterparty with DJ Twisted Dee at Jungle and aDJ Micky Friedmann All-Nighter at Xion. Finally, there's Sunday’sClosing Party with DJ Martin Fry at Jungle. Whew!

Now you're almost ready. Sit back, relax and enjoy all these sexy sites and sounds as a few of our Joining Hearts favorite things. When you’re done, peruse our full galleries of hunks from Joining Hearts 2014, 2013, 2012,2011and2010.

Joining Hearts always makes friends.

Friendly friends.

More friends.


Even more.

That's more like it.

Ask yourself, am I more of a trunks gay?

Or a Speedo queen?

Can I pull off a wrestling onesie?

Maybe a group look is in order.

That is, if you can outdo the Joining Hearts volunteers.

Whichever. Swimsuits are required, but accessories make the man.

Like sunglasses.


Matching scarf-hat combos.

Dog tags.



Your own bookends.

Water guns.

Umbrellas? Absolutely!

And what’s a gay party without some balls?

And smiles.

And tats.

Two words: Open bar. (100% of tips to charity. Eye candy free.)

Oh! And be ready for San Francisco's DJ Grind.

His hour-long ‘Joining Hearts’ podcast gets you in the mood.

DJ Deanne opens. Here's her Joining Hearts tease.

And Debby Holiday never disappoints.

They're going to move you by day and by night.

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Prepare yourself. There will be hunks.

Lots of hunks.

We can’t say it enough. Jam-packed with hunks.

Young hunks.

Daddy hunks.

Pool hunks.

Tanked hunks.

Hairy hunks.

Peaced-out hunks.

Sassy hunks.

Assy hunks.

Hunks with heart-ons.

And extra friendly hunks.

What happens at Joining Hearts stays at Joining Hearts. Mostly.

So don't ever feel alone.

See you there.


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