Hugh Hunter readies his kink, ink for gay Houston

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You have seen his pictures. You've definitely seen his videos. But beyond the adult film work of Hugh Hunter, there's more to this hunky daddy than just that chiseled and well-muscled physique. 

There's musical theatre, a boyfriend and a romantic side that's so ready for some Kylie and Mariah. So ahead of Hunter's first trip to Houston – he lands at F Bar on Friday for K-INK – he dishes with us about his foray into porn, the special man who has captured his heart, his expiration date and what Christmas song he can't stop listening to.

How did you get started in the adult entertainment industry?

It was something that had always interested me. Like most gay men I enjoyed porn, and thought it might be something I could be good at if given the chance. I suppose I (finally) reached an age where I just felt completely comfortable with myself – my life, looks, body, state of mind – and was no longer concerned about what people might think or say about me doing adult entertainment. So I decided to give it a shot. I thought I'd be able to land a scene or two, at best, because of my age. At the time I wasn't aware of the “daddy” movement sweeping through the industry. If I did a scene or two, I’d be able to say that I had done it and wasn't someone who just talked about doing porn. As a type A personality I like being able to say that I've tried – and done – everything I've thought about doing at least once. With that mindset, I submitted applications to two studios whose work I enjoyed. TitanMen was the first to respond. I shot my first scene as Hugh Hunter with them on Dec. 8, 2014.

A lot of adult film stars find dating to be difficult. How do you separate your professional life from personal?

Dating can be challenging in any environment, porn or otherwise. Every situation presents its own unique set of challenges that you and a partner will have to work through to be successful. Communication is always the key. The major issues that seem to arise in relationships – at least in my experience – are money and sex. The financial part, in my opinion, is easier to address. Be an adult, be responsible and take care of yourself. It’s no one’s job to support you. This opinion may stem from my very south side Italian upbringing. The sex part is where things can be more challenging if you aren’t honest with yourself and your partner. Working in an industry where having sex is the source of my income could complicate dating depending on you and your partner’s views on sex. I can separate “work’” sex from “personal” sex. Many can I think. However, some can’t and that’s okay. Each person has to find their own comfort level and embrace it, it’s for no one to decide except you. It’s all a matter of finding someone who is on the same page as you and being truthful about your feelings from the onset. No secrets. Trust me.

Is there a special man in your life?

Yes. There’s a very special man. I’ve been dating Dolf Dietrich seriously for some time now. There was an obvious physical attraction when I first saw him. (I’m physically attracted to a lot of types – I’d have to be in order to sustain any sort of career in porn.) However, in my personal life, I look for individuality – someone who stands out in a crowd. I dig an edgy, cool, rocker type of man with a beard, a lot of ink, and a body that's seen the gym on a regular basis. Personality wise, I still want individuality. A gruff exterior with a sweet and sensitive side reserved for our personal time makes me melt. Someone who is quirky, quick-witted, sentimental, big-hearted and artistic. Someone who is a real person when you get to know him, faults and all, and you find yourself loving the faults and all – to the point where the faults are no longer faults when you look at him. I feel I’ve gotten very lucky here. I’m looking very forward to what the future has in store for Dolf and me.

Have you been to Houston before and if so, what do you like to do while there? 

This is my first visit to Houston. It’s going to be a very quick trip so I don’t expect I’ll see much, if any, of the city unfortunately. I am looking forward to meeting as many Houston locals as I can at the K-INK Party at F Bar. I love getting these opportunities to meet the folks who support the work we do. They make it all possible. We would never be here without them.

Any tips to the gay boys who work out on how to get that porn star body? 

I might be a bit gym obsessed – it’s my hobby and my addiction. I weight train six to seven days a week for 60 to 75 minutes. This varies a bit depending on my travel schedule, but even on the road I’ll find a gym and get the job done. It’s all part of the business. I usually stick to one muscle group each workout. I like to do chest and arms twice a week and I never skip leg day. Building big legs also builds a big ass, and my ass has definitely become a “big” part of my brand. I do some light cardio throughout the week, mainly brisk walks through my neighborhood or a neighborhood of a city I'm visiting. I also do abs a few times a week, just about 10 minutes or so, in the morning or before bed. Your diet is what really builds your abs. The ab work just helps sculpt and define them. The biggest part of my routine is the diet. I eat about 5,000 calories over 6 to 7 meals a day to maintain my 225-pound frame. I eat a lot of protein and produce, cycle carbs, and avoid sugar. Sugar is actually the biggest detriment to your physique. And yes, you can eat fat. Fats are good. You actually need fat to fuel your body and build muscle. Trust me on this. So eat your egg yolks and your bacon. You’ll thank me.

Plans for the future? 

There’s a lot of new work coming up on the horizon, especially after the New Year. I’m also planning to move out of Chicago (again) and return to NYC (again) in spring of 2016. Target month is April. I’m more excited about this than I can put into words.

How long will you stay active in the adult entertainment world? 

Honestly? As long as they’ll have me. We all have an “expiration date” so when mine arrives I’ll exit graciously, grateful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve been afforded and the friends I’ve made on the journey.

What's your favorite song and/or artist to listen to? 

There are two. Kylie Minogue. The “Light Years” album might be the best pop album of all time IMHO. And Mariah Carey. It is the holiday season, so it’s time to start playing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on repeat. #alliwantforchristmasishugh. Sorry, I had to.

What is something fans would be surprised to learn about you? 

I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but I think it’s the most surprising thing about me to people who don’t know me personally. I am a huge fan of musical theatre. Huge. I have a long performing arts background in musical theatre so doing “live” performances are second nature to me. Performers on stage have this special sort of connection to their audience members – who are sitting out there in the dark, sharing an experience with their fellow audience members – that is very unique. There are immediate reactions and instant feedback so you know how your work is being received. You also get to witness how your work affects your audience as they're immersed in the performance. That's a very special feeling. This, in my opinion, gives the performer that little something extra to go a bit bigger or harder or stronger or longer. It's a boost. So back to musical theatre – my favorite musical is “Pippin.” The music is that very cool 1970s musical theatre pop, which I love, and the choreography, direction, and show concept is Bob Fosse which means it’s brilliant. However, it's the story that resonates with me. Pippin, the title male character, spends countless years of his life searching for that elusive something that's going to make him extraordinary because he believes, as we all should, that he is extraordinary. Of course what he discovers during the course of his adventures – war, sex, religion, politics, murder, art, sport, etc. – is that sometimes the most extraordinary thing about your life is being able to find contentment in its simple joys, and be able to share the comfort and compassion you’ve found with another human being. That message strikes such a chord with me, especially as I grow older and wiser. Musical theatre has this amazing power to make you feel. Really feel. I will be forever grateful for these experiences.

Anything you'd like to shout out to all of your fans? 

Always give 100 percent in everything you do or don’t bother to do it. And when you’re out there doing it remember to take care of each other in this world – we’re all we have. You can also follow me on the following social media platforms.

Hugh Hunter appears at F Bar on Dec. 11 for K-INK. Follow Hunter on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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