Texas native Will Jardell made a big, gay debut on "America's Next Top Model" and since has impressed judges, competitors and on Monday, came close to charming the pants off sexy housemate Matt Smith.

The pair – Jardell is gay, Smith is curiously straight – developed a touchy, feely, huggy bromance on Monday's episode. A bro attraction so strong that Smith sealed it with a drunken kiss, a move that provoked quite a discussion about sexuality among Houston guy Denzel Wells, Keith Carlos, Jardell and Smith. As Smith told Project Q Houston in an interview before the show's premiere, growing up gay in smalltown Texas came with challenges. So he didn't take too well to competitors questioning Smith's motives behind the kiss. (Watch above)

"When I look at Will, do I think holy shit God did something really beautiful with this person? Yeah," Smith says. That's what we think about all seven guys on Cycle 21 of the show.