Texas guy Will Jardell landed on "America's Next Top Model" not holding back: Unapologetically gay, gushing at the return of Miss J. and giving Tyra Banks lessons on twerking.

"I'm a six foot six gay Catholic dancer from Texas," he says on the show and in the video above. "For 20 cycles girls have ruled this competition but give me some six inch heels and I will show you how it's done."

Cycle 21 of the show premiered on Monday, pitching a group of seven sexy guys that includes Jardell and sexy homophobic frat bro Adam Smith against seven women. The Nederland native is the only openly gay contestant on the show – Romeo Tostado is the Gothic bisexual that serves quite a bit of attitude – and he talked with us ahead of the premiere about growing up gay in small town Texas and how the show helped build his confidence.

Jardell delivered an impressive start, not shying away from his bulkier, more muscled and more experienced competitors. And when he pulls on some high heels to sashay across the room, the show delivers the opening salvo in what could become friction with Denzel Wells. The Houston hunk isn't impressed with Jardell, sniping "there's some shit men shouldn't do."