One thing Houston’s gay bars know how to do is make sure it’s never just another weekend. Gay Houston’s best dance party kept up the pace on Saturday with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Violet Chachki.

Fans crowded the dance floor to see the Season 7 Final Five queen strut her stuff, including the “Bay City Rollers” plaid look she rocked in the Season 7 debut. True to form and as advertised, the Atlanta native put the South bitch in South Beach, and her Houston fans ate it up. We're obsessed with her too.

Chachki is the latest in a string of “Drag Race” contestants to hit the South Beach stage. To name but a few, Adore Delano was there last week, after Kayta wowed the crowd, Nina Flowers rocked the house, and Trixie Mattel dolled up the place.

Photos by Paul Stricklin