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What’s role of new cops advisory board? [video]

Several of the nine members of the Atlanta police LGBT advisory board discussed their vision for the new panel during the group's first meeting on Monday. Hear what they had to say in their own words.    READ MORE »

Scissor Sisters ‘Any Which Way’ we can [video]

While gay Atlanta readies itself for Saturday’s Scissor Sisters concert, we take a break from all other things LGBT to revel in the band’s latest video, “Any Which Way.” Join us, won't you?    READ MORE »

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Clips from Atlanta’s little anti-gay rally [video]

There was a rally in Atlanta on Saturday against gay marriage with the gays outnumbering the anti-gays 10 to 1. We brought you the details and photos on Sunday; now we've got the video outtakes.    READ MORE »

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Attacked gay pastor joins Reed at rec center

The gay pastor who was attacked and robbed at gunpoint last month in Piedmont Park stood with Mayor Kasim on Tuesday to deliver the invocation as the city re-opened several recreation centers.    READ MORE »

Soccer is gay and so is the World Cup [video]

Can the World Cup get any gayer? With Tuesday's semi-final match between Uruguay and the Netherlands, you betcha. There's Diego Forlan, Wesley Sneijder and Homer ... Simpson?    READ MORE »

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This straight pol wants your gay support [video]

State Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan, a progressive Cobb County Democrat, ventured inside the perimeter Wednesday to celebrate her LGBT endorsements and stump for cash.    READ MORE »

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Hundreds run their pride in Piedmont [photos]

If you're taking part in a Pride run, bring rainbow striped knee-high socks, headphones and skimpy running shorts. All of that was hand on Saturday for the 20th Annual Atlanta Pride Run & Walk.    READ MORE »

Nation’s power centers hot for Grindr [video]

Two enterprising young female Washington Examiner reporters went looking for gay male sex at the White House, Pentagon and the Capitol. Their Grindr app didn't disappoint.    READ MORE »

Reel ‘Jealous’: final ‘Drag Race’ fix [video]

Fans thought the “RuPaul’s Drag Race 2” finale night extravaganza was its swan song, but we forgot the finals included the Top 3 in Ru’s video for “Don’t Be Jealous...” The final cut is out now.    READ MORE »

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Chorus honors gay teen in prom flap [photos]

The Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus made a powerful performance on Friday even more meaningful by honoring a gay Georgia teen at the center of a storm over taking his boyfriend to the prom next month.    READ MORE »

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Chambliss defiant over ‘Don’t Ask’ quips [video]

Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Georgia's senior senator, remains defiant after criticism over his anti-gay comments this week on repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on openly gay soldiers.    READ MORE »

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Simone Bell becomes newest state rep [video]

Simone Bell’s historic campaign for the state House came full circle Tuesday when Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Carol Hunstein issued her the oath of office. Watch the video.    READ MORE »

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Norwood v. Reed in gay stump speeches [video]

Everything's done but the voting. So before you do that, take a look at the gay stump speeches of Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed, who have been crisscrossing Midtown to make their mayoral pitch.    READ MORE »

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Eagle supporters take third protest to Midtown

Just a handful of people took part in an underwear protest on Wednesday in Midtown, the third rally in the wake of the Atlanta Police Department's raid of the Eagle six weeks ago.    READ MORE »

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The poignant speeches of the AIDS Walk [video]

Before some 8,000 people joined Sunday's AIDS Walk, several people–including U.S. Rep. John Lewis and spokespeople Robby Astrove and Danielle Arellano–spoke to the crowd. Watch the videos.    READ MORE »

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Police defend tactics during Eagle forum [video]

A top commander of the Atlanta Police Department defended the agency’s use of the controversial Red Dog unit during bar raids, but said officers who discriminate against anyone will be fired.    READ MORE »

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Vandy Beth Glenn goes to Washington (video)

Vandy Beth Glenn took her story of transgender discrimination in Atlanta to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday as part of a Congressional hearing on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.    READ MORE »

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Karla Drenner: Kasim Reed’s my man (for mayor)

State Rep. Karla Drenner, the only openly lesbian member of the Georgia General Assembly, has a new man. Figuratively, of course. Drenner endorsed Kasim Reed’s bid for mayor on Thursday.    READ MORE »

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Video: Atlanta’s pucker protest in Piedmont

When about three-dozen people took part in the Great Nationwide Kiss-In Atlanta event Aug. 15, Project Q gathered photos, video and several sources of news coverage.    READ MORE »