Tyra Banks set aside the gay kerfuffle and delivered what "America's Next Top Model" fans really want: Her hunks stripped down and playing with their hoses.

So on Friday's episode, that's exactly what happened for Cycle 21's remaining beefcake – gay Texas guy Will Jardell, reformed Atlanta bro Adam Smith, Atlanta jock Keith Carlos and homophobic antagonist and Houston guy Denzel Wells.

The good stuff came as the remaining eight models fought to get hired for three runway shows. Designer Betsey Johnson wanted skin and beefcake and firefighters, so the guys pulled off their shirts and walked the runway to audition. The result? Enough to make Miss J utter, "Now show me your hose!" Yes, ma'am! (Watch above)

Jardell's hose play left Miss J limp. But overall, he won the week as we watched his nemesis Wells get the boot. Twice. So yeah, bro, you just got your ass kicked by a "dude wearing heels." Snap.