Sexy douche and Emory frat bro embarrassment Adam Smith lived up to his doucheyness during his "America's Next Top Model" debut, giving pause to consider how far his muscled appeal – and there is plenty – can take him.

Atlanta guy Smith is one of the seven hunky guys – including gay Texan Will Jardell – on Cycle 21 of the show, which kicked off on Monday. They join seven ladies in the reality show that features Tyra Banks and the return of Miss J as a coach.

Smith is the homophobic Sigma Nu bro who roughed up a gay student a few years back at Emory. And since his casting in "Top Model," he's done everything to show that he's the same "drunk asshole" he was in college.

"I will completely out party you and I am also way smarter than you," Smith says during the show (and in the video clip above). "I am on the Alpha Male Mountain looking down at all the people who are less attractive than I am."

Sure, when he strips down to trunks, flexes and does his weird signature backbend, it fuels some X-rated fantasies. But then he speaks. Boner kill.