Just as the dog days of summer had us pining for any conceivable break from the doldrums, the gayest cartoon horse in existence busts out with more tips to put extra gay in your Atlanta day. Thanks, Sparkle Hooves!

Follow the glitter trail behind your foul-mouthed spirit animal once again to the raunchy side of going down on a bone – we mean a chicken bone, or do we? This time, Sparkle Hooves serves a signature side of NSFW gay sexual innuendo with his favorite places for hot wings in the ATL. The copious amounts of inapprpriateness also come garnished with shout-outs to gay establishments, this time including Burkhart’s.

The nasty little video vixen by gay Atlanta’s own Eddie Ray is also a fave of the guys at Mary’s, who turn out their annual Madonna-Rama with DJ Diablo Rojo on Friday. It’s little wonder they loved Sparkle’s workout with Madonna last week.

Click play above for a decidedly politically incorrect chuckle, and don’t miss Sparkle Hooves’ sassy summer sashay through gay Atlanta.