There may be no better way to say, “Pride is only two months away” than a cocktail party with nibbles, an open bar and a salute to the people that LGBT Houston chose as its 2015 Pride parade grand marshals.

Thursday’s event at Audi Central Houston gathered for the news that Anna Eastman, Ryan Levy and Britt Kornmann (top photo, l-r) were voted as this year’s Pride Houston grand marshals. They each received a medal to commemorate the occasion and will ride in the all-new downtown parade on June 27 as part of Pride’s Stonewall Weekend celebrations.

We laid out the cases for Levy and Kornmann as the male and female honorees, but the title wins come after weeks of tough choices for voters, who also weighed the virtues of worthy candidates Bob Briddick, Fran Watson and “Augie” Augustine.

Photos by Rob Martinez