Bitter Republican Virginia Galloway says that Fulton County should lock up all of its criminals and pave its roads before fussing over gay couples who want to marry.

Galloway, regional director at the Faith & Freedom Coalition, isn't pleased that Fulton Commission Chair John Eaves is readying the county for gay marriage by lining up judges, expanding hours and allowing wedding ceremonies in the government center on the day the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage.

"The eagerness to accommodate same-sex unions betrays the bias – while the infrastructure crumbles and crime is rampant, this is the top priority," Galloway said in a statement to WSB.

Bet she's really pissed then that probate judges – the officials who issue marriage licenses in Georgia – are ready for the gays. And that even her anti-gay allies know that the end is near for the state's gay marriage ban. 

Poor Virginia. It's been a tough couple of months for her. She fought for – and lost – an effort to pass an anti-gay "religious freedom" bill in the state legislature earlier this year. And people won't listen when she blames the gays for the country's economic woes. 

But Galloway isn't anti-gay. She has a gay friend.