NeNe Leakes has a new gay, new hair and new fashions as she puts a little distance between herself and last season's queen-baiting to go all gay positive, all drag queen, all the time on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

"I wouldn't do anything without having a gay on my team. I believe that gays are very special people and I have one. Check," Leakes says. (Watch above)

Leakes unveiled her new gay – fashion designer Aaron Gray – on Sunday's episode as she debuted her new clothing line with a late-night special on HSN. The clothes are mad for curvy girls and even Derek J, Leakes dishes. How'd she turn those fashion ideas into reality? The gay in Gray, who helps celebrities and stylists, including Queen Latifah, turn their fashions into hits in the TV retail marketplace.

Buh-bye Andre Terrell, her gay assistant from seasons past. Leakes' new gay does fashion and isn't above posting a selfie in his tighty whities.

And speaking of RHOA girls and their gays, Brandon DeShazer – the piano-playing bestie of Kenya Moore – made an appearance on Sunday just long enough to get a hug from Apollo Nida. It was a brief moment, but a substantial one as Nida attempts to make amends before starting his stint in federal prison. Last season, Nida attacked DeShazer in a shirtless rage.

"I give props to Brandon, hugging Apollo, putting everything behind them. There aren't a lot of men like that," Moore says. (Watch above)

The huggable moment came as the ladies gathered themselves at Harlem Nights in downtown Atlanta for the music video premiere of Demetria McKinney, a made-for-TV moment that really served as her introduction to the show. Even she knows the power of RHOA gays, posing with Derek J and her sideboob for photos.

Now, if the ladies would just stop trashing gay Atlanta restaurants.