Hunky Houston homophobe Denzel Wells – blasted a week ago by Tyra Banks for going after gay Texas guy Will Jardell (photo) – is on an apology tour of sorts to let people know he's now not a raving homophobe. Just sort of a simmering one.

Wells' discomfort with Jardell started when "America's Next Top Model" opened Cycle 21 in August. Something about heels and a touched nipple. That bromance didn't help, either.

But Wells reached a new homophobic high when his machismo hit overdrive and he whined about the possibility of losing to a gay guy in heels. That's just not manly, you see. Jardell and Banks didn't and she let Wells have it during judging.

On Friday's episode, a seemingly contrite Wells pulled Jardell aside to explain his way around his homophobia.

"I hope that Will can understand how I was raised and understand that I am a product of my environment and that there is no hate behind my words," Wells says (watch above). "I'm still a work in progress."

Indeed. But in an interview with the Houston Chronicle's gay entertainment writer, Joey Guerra, Wells makes it clear that he still has a way to go. No one understands him, you see.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about you?

A: People feel I have a certain malice toward (gay) people. That's not the case. We live in a world now where, I feel, people are overly sensitive. If you speak out against one person who is of a certain sexuality, it automatically looks like you're speaking out against everybody. It had nothing to do with LGBT (people) or anything like that. There are certain things men shouldn't do, and there are certain things men should do. Sexuality has no bearing on that opinion. Never once have I said Will is a bad person. It's just a matter of my own personal opinion.