That gay loving Georgia cherub Honey Boo Boo just can't get enough of some drag queens. She and the cast of her hit reality show descended on a metro Atlanta gay bar on Sunday for a gay wedding.

Johnathon Murphy, owner of Marietta gay bar LeBuzz, issued a call to action on Sunday afternoon. He needed extras and fast.

I need extras for a film shoot within the next hour, it's a popular television series that has filmed here at LeBuzz before. please dress for a gay wedding and come as soon as possible. Thanks.

Turns out, the extras were there to complement Alana Thompson, her mom June Shannon, the cast of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and a truckload of drag queens including Destiny Brooks (top photo), Heather Daniels, Aphrodite Monroe and Porsha Daniels.

From Murphy:

Thank you so much to the staff and entertainers who made yesterdays film ing successful at LeBUZZ Marietta for both shoots with Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and the Atlanta Vampire Movie. Massive hugs to Destiny Brooks, Heather Daniels, Aphrodite Monroe, and Porsha Daniels for being professional and very patient through a long day. Cody At LeBuzz, Corey At Lebuzz, DJ Birdman USA, Jason At LeBuzz, Debby Murphy, Mike Gaeta - you were awesome as usual. We have made it through our first catering gig! Big thanks to the producers, directors, and cast of these shows for choosing us! We had an awesome time!

The entire affair seemed to wear out Mama June, who was caught napping on a couch next to a trio of drag queens. Porsha Daniels offered some understanding. After all, Mama June has had a tough few months.



Honey Boo Boo, though, couldn't get enough. She loves her gays, especially when they play drag bingo.





The show's fourth season wrapped in August. So expect to see the scenes from LeBuzz in January when new episodes air.

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