Need a place to show a controversial film? At least one gay has your back, beleaguered Sony Pictures, as the gay-owned Plaza Theatre will screen "The Interview" on Christmas Day.

The theater on Ponce de Leon is the only venue Inside the Perimeter to show the film and just one of six in Georgia, thanks to a push from Sony to reverse its dumping the film and instead turning to independent theaters to screen it. The comedy depicts the fictional assassination of North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and led to a massive, weeks-long hack of Sony's computer infrastructure and threats of retaliation against theaters showing it.

Michael Furlinger, the gay man who bought the Plaza in 2012, says it's a matter of battling censorship and staring down blackmail. He tells WSB (watch above):

"I never want to be told no. Don't tell me we can't play something, that just gets me crazy."

It's a principled stand, yes, but Furlinger tells WXIA he also has a business to run.

"Censorship, blackmail, no way," Furlinger said. "Yeah, I want butts in the seats."

And how do you make a film with James Franco even gayer? Cocktails!