Houston's anti-gay Hater In Chief is full of angst, angry that a single gay Texas couple was married on Thursday under court order.

So Jared Woodfill, the former Harris County GOP chieftain, found time in his busy schedule of fighting HERO and suing to reverse health benefits given to gay city employees to take exception to the state's first-ever same-sex marriage. 

He tapped his deep well of anti-gay animus to deliver this, via KHOU:

"This particular judge decides that he's going to supersede what they did. He's acting as a judicial activist and doesn't like what people have done in the form of the ballot box. And it's wrong and I think it'll be overturned," said Jared Woodfill, a same-sex marriage opponent.

Woodfill was stomping mad about a probate judge in Austin ordering Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir to issue a marriage license to Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant. But he wasn't the only angry Republican after Thursday's ruling and marriage. Attorney General Ken Paxton demanded that the Texas Supreme Court step in to stop this "legal chaos." (Spoiler: It did.)

“The Court’s action upholds our state constitution and stays these rulings by activist judges in Travis County. The same-sex marriage license issued by the Travis County Clerk is void, just as any license issued in violation of state law would be. I will continue to defend the will of the people of Texas, who have defined marriage as between one man and one woman, against any judicial activism or overreach.”

And a day later, on Friday, Paxton asked the same court to take action again, this time to void the marriage. (Spoiler: It hasn't. Yet.)

“The rogue actions of Travis County judges do not withstand the scrutiny of law. The same-sex marriage license issued yesterday is not valid because it conflicts with the Texas Constitution and State law—the license is therefore void ab initio.  The filing we made today with the Texas Supreme Court confirms these points."

[video via KHOU]