A gay Houston man who was seriously injured early Monday after falling nearly 20 feet from a highway overpass after an auto accident is brain dead, police said. 

Richard A. Garcia, 26, was listed as brain dead on Tuesday, according to a Houston Police Department spokesperson, little more than 24 hours after he was found critically injured at 3700 Milam about 1:30 a.m. on Monday.

Garcia was out with friends at a gay Houston club before the accident on Spur 527 in which the car he was apparently driving was found on the northbound side of the overpass appearing to go south, according to About Magazine, which first reported on the incident late Monday.

Friends told KHOU's Drew Karedes that the crash happened after the men left F Bar.


After the accident, Garcia apparently fell some 20 feet from the overpass to Milam and suffered severe trauma, according to Houston police. He was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital. The injuries included several skull fractures, according to KPRC.


Friends told About Magazine that Garcia did not appear to be drunk. 

A source stated to About News ‘Garcia was out with friends at a popular LGBTQ+ bar and did not appear to be intoxicated.’ The source did state ‘Garcia was with several friends that did appear to be.’

Another person that will remain anonymous tells About News, ‘Garcia and a friend left a bar, Garcia was behind the wheel. Garcia entered the Spur 527 in the wrong direction, and were involved in a accident with a guardrail. Garcia exited the vehicle and fell over the side; to the ground below.’

Jodi Silva, a Houston police spokesperson, said homicide investigators have not yet determined what happened or how Garcia plunged over the side of the overpass.

"It is not clear whether he jumped, was ejected or fell," Silva said. "Anytime there is not a normal car accident, then we do step it up to make sure it is thoroughly investigated."

Homicide investigators are involved since they have more expertise in cases in which a victim jumped or fell, though that doesn't hint at the cause in this incident, Silva said.

"It remains an ongoing investigation," she added. 


UPDATE | An earlier version of this story reported that Garcia had died, based on information provided by Houston police. A department spokesperson, Jodi Silva, said Wednesday that Garcia was brain dead and on life support, but had not died.