Beware a scorned Grindr trick. That's the lesson a gay Houston man learned on Wednesday when his bestie, Houston police and his alleged victim conspired to bust him for a robbery a week earlier. 

It certainly didn't hurt that the alleged thirsty thief, Robert Taylor Williams, wasn't too smart and agreed to meet with his victim a week later. 

On July 9, Williams and another man agreed to meet after cruising one another on Grindr, according to About magazine. After the deed was done, Williams left the victim's home but returned a short time later claiming he left his keys. That's when this trick turned bad.

Via About:

“The two met up and upon leaving the suspect stole the cell phone that had a wallet attached.” Houston Police identified the suspect as Robert Taylor Williams. Williams is accused of using the male victims credit cards on several different occasions. “Gas stations and such” Silva stated!

But the tale of this trick didn't end with the theft. A week later, on Wednesday, the victim contacted Williams and they agreed to meet that night at Guava Lamp, according to the magazine. That's when he called the cops and told officers what Williams was wearing. They missed him but found a friend of Williams, who agreed to lure him back to the popular gay bar. He came back and police arrested him.

Williams, 23, was booked into the City of Houston Jail early Thursday facing a misdemeanor charge of theft, according to About and jail records. The best part of this cockeyed caper? Besides the victim fighting back and the suspect's friend throwing him under the bus is About getting video of Williams' arrest. (Watch below)

In the wake of the theft, the Montrose Center pointed cruise app users to its handy list of do’s and don’ts for hookup safety. Among the LGBT center's tips is a recommendation to hide valuables before your trick arrives. 

Grindr can get you laid. But it can also get you an STD, introduce you to some racist friends, and leave you with a wet, bloody jockstrap.