MORE | Please don’t gay marry in Fulton, mean lady says

Fulton's top elected official says the county is preparing for a deluge of gay couples wanting to get married if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes gay unions this month by lining up judges and making room for the weddings. 

"We are going to seize this historic moment, we are going to be ready and we are going to welcome same-sex couples who want to be married in the state of Georgia right here in Fulton County," Fulton Commission Chair John Eaves told WSB on Tuesday. (Watch above)

Eaves says he's making sure the county's probate court – the place where marriage licenses are issued – is prepared, lining up judges to perform the ceremonies, opening the atrium of the county government center on Pryor Street for marriage ceremonies and extending operating hours past the building's usual 5 p.m. closing.

The state's probate judges are already falling in line, ready to not be Alabama. They've been revamping marriage licenses to replace "bride" and "groom" with something less straight. Everyone in Georgia is coming out for gay marriage, the state got its first gay marriage TV ad, and even the state's top lawyer, Attorney General Sam Olens, is resigned to losing his defense of the state's gay marriage ban.

Eaves also wouldn't mind if his county gets a slice of that $78 million gay marriage boost likely to hit the state if gay marriage gets legalized. Eaves rallied for gay marriage alongside LGBT activists last October. (Watch below) He came out in support of marriage equality in his 2010 re-election campaign when he faced then-former Atlanta City Council member Mary Norwood, a pro-gay candidate who backed same-sex unions during her mayoral run in 2009. He’s also marched in the Atlanta Pride parade.

And once you're done getting marriage, go rally. Georgia Equality is planning one downtown.