When it needed a smart gay person to talk about gay stuff, CBS 46 looked no further than longtime Atlanta non-profit leader and LGBT Georgia health advocate Linda Ellis. 

The station turned to Ellis, executive director of the Health Initiative, for reaction to Tuesday's announcement that the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) would change its constitution to include same-sex marriage. (Ellis and partner Leslie Brogan are members of North Decatur Presbyterian Church.) Marriage equality has split the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination, so the vote is big. Ellis said so.

“As a Presbyterian and as a person of faith, yeah it's big, it's important,” she told CBS 46.

Wait, there's more. (Watch video above)

"The value of being able to communicate commitments, to speak those words out loud and have a community of people hold you accountable to the commitments that you are making, that is huge in the life of any relationship," Ellis said. 

When it needs smart gay people, Atlanta TV stations do pretty well. Until they don't. But they've found this LGBT activist to talk gay marriage and this gay attorney to debate Chick-fil-A and same-sex marriage. It makes sense since everyone in Georgia is coming out for gay marriage.

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