Burlesque fundraiser returns to My Sister’s Room

The Queerly Beloved Revue burlesque troupe was back at My Sister’s Room on Saturday to round up cash to get to Vegas.

This isn’t just any Vegas trip mind you. The gang has been invited to run a panel at ClexaCon, an annual media and entertainment convention for LGBTQ women and allies. But they need funds to cover travel and lodging expenses. 

Candida Valentina was the emcee as always, and she was joined by performers Royal Tee, Evangeline Laveau, Clyf Hangar, Channing Taint, Zodie Yak, Adriana Luck and Nick Flair. DJ Ksquared covered the beats for the night.

Queerly Beloved Revue also held its ClexaCon fundraiser at MSR in 2019.

Photos by Russ Bowen-Youngblood