For a lesbian, Ellen Degeneres sure does have excellent taste in men. The departure of her half-naked “Nick the Gardener” leaves her fans wanting and her talk show scouring hot-guy videos for someone to tend their bushes. Hunks to the rescue!

When Degeneres secured Nick a spot in the man parade that will be Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike 2” – just like that hot biscuit of a Georgia boy – there was a serious lack of beefcake on the “Ellen” show. Never fear. The host knows what her gay male and straight female viewers need, and it’s a little heat in the afternoon.

The ab-, pec- and bicep-filled video submissions are pouring in from sexy shirtless guys across the country. And a few fun freaks. The viral influx almost rivals the deluge of hot-jock Ice Bucket Challengers. Well, kinda. Anyway, here are our favorite auditions, starting with one guy (photo) who we already knew boasts the hottest butt in all the land.

UPDATE: The show announced on Nov. 18 that the hunk in the second video below, Derek Yates, won the contest. He's been known to bare his assets as well.












Think you’ve got what it takes to be Ellen's new gardener? Upload your audition, then e-mail us the link and let us know if you get on TV.