Houston guy’s sex videos ignite the gay Internet

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The ablicious Houston hottie who's stroked himself into the minds of gay men everywhere now says he's not gay. Nevermind the X-rated jerk off vids. Or a Tumblr full of sexy selfies. Or an Instagram account sexed up with model shots.

Former high school jock and Eagle Scout Michael Hoffman, this time fully clothed, made a point on Monday to say he's not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He just masturbated on video – at least twice – for $10,000. And set the gay Internet ablaze.

“I just want to say, I know there are videos going around of me. I understand,” the 21-year-old says in the video (second image). “But I wanted to say a few things. One, I'm not gay. Those videos, I can understand, make me look that way, and I respect gay people completely, but I'm not gay. I'm straight.”

Yet a guy who worked social media to his advanatge expresses surprise that the videos made it online. Because of course he didn't do it. And now viral, he's “humiliated.”

“I needed the money, I posted those videos, I was naive about it thinking that they'd never get online, but someone started the whole thing and posted them online or a few people did and um, you know, it is what it is,” he adds.

Let's recap how we got here.

FRIDAY: A gay gasp is heard around the Internet as Hoffman's “leaked” video surfaces (thanks Gaily Grind!) and gets attention. Tons of it. The video starts with Hoffman, in just a tank top and socks, furiously jerking off in his messy bathroom. It ends with him wrapping his full, pouty lips around his thumb and licking it clean. Of his own cum. Then he plays with his ass, flexes some more and jumps into the shower.

SATURDAY: Sex vid No. 2 surfaces. This time, Hoffman masturbates in the (not-running) shower. With his right hand busy, he occasionally uses the left to toy with a nipple. When he finishes, he looks at his spunk covered fingers and makes a move to again lick them clean and swallow the spunk of his labor. This time, though, he hesitates. He wipes the fingers off with something on the floor. (That lucky tank top?) Some flexing, then done.

SUNDAY: Gays want more. So of course there are GIFs of the best parts of the vids. Who is this fella? How have you missed his flexing, posing and showing off in towels and skimpy clothing on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook? We profiled all of his delicious bulges in June 2013. Yet somehow all that pales in comparison to the videos.

MONDAY: Realizing he's gone viral, Hoffman tries to walk things back in a new video, proving again that pretty boys should be seen and not heard. He's clothed, sitting in his car and acts surprised that the videos made their way online. And oh yeah, HE'S NOT GAY.

TUESDAY: Hoffman, still not gay, deletes all of his social media accounts, except for his ab-filled Tumblr and this YouTube channel where he posted his “The Truth” video on Monday. Gawker catches on, offering a delicious takedown of Hoffman's video: Tumblr Stud: Eating My Own Cum in “Leaked” Vids Doesn't Make Me Gay.

Then Hoffman adds a second video (below) in which he flexes, poses and shows off shirtless for more than two minutes. He does not touch his junk. No homo.

This is just a rough video filmed off my iphone. Haven't made these in a while but what else do I have to show off? Haha if you work hard for what you want you should be able to show it off. If you want to contact me about potential job opportunities please email me at [email protected] One more thing, I deleted all my social media except YouTube. So any profiles out there with my name, IS NOT ME. My real Instagram, my real facebooks, and my real everything else is deleted. Except this YouTube. Enjoy.


Except he misses his other YouTube account, where in 2012 he posted this “Welcome to Houston, Texas.”


And that old YouTube account links to an also old Google+ page, in which a 16-year-old Hoffman, then a sophomore at Emery Weiner High School in Houston, talks about his love of “girls, food, dogs and sports.” And being an A&F model. No homo.

Hello Everyone, it's Michael Hoffman. I love to talk and am very outgoing. If you really get to know me., you will find just how sweet I can be. I am friendly, fun to talk to, give great advice and am always here. I am 16 years old and go to Emery Weiner High School as a sophomore. I live in Houston TX and have 2 siblings, a younger brother and sister. I am from Moscow Russia but have been living here since I was 2 years old. I am 16 years old currently a Sophomore in High School in Houston TX. I love girls, food, dogs and sports. I love to talk and become friend with strangers and Daniele Gosdin is the best person I've ever met! I am straight, and enjoy watching movies. I am 5'6 and weigh 145lbs. I love the color blue, I prefer windows over mac! I don't have my own car yet and I love to draw. Photography is fun! I have never been arrested and have never drank alcohol or will ever do drugs in my life! I like sweet caring loving, friendly awesome, peaceful, modest, outgoing girls! Thank you for viewing my profile! Have a great day!

UPDATE: Hoffman deleted “The Truth” video Tuesday afternoon. But you can still watch it here.

UPDATE II: He's back on Facebook. And he forgot about this page.


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