Guys fess up about long, hot summers on Grindr

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Grindr gays are so much more than their profiles, and they’re into so many more things than just the hookups they meet there. Right? To prove it, 2,500 users fessed up about their Grindr habits.

You already knew that when they’re not trolling for the D, Grindr gays love a survey. The latest look finds American users kicking it right here in the good ol’ USofA this summer.

In addition to doing vacay at home, look for extracurricular activity opportunities with more daddies, more marrieds, more longterm friendships with benefits, and more runners, according to Grindr Blog.

A whopping 47% of survey respondents said that they had found long-term friendships on Grindr.

Children in your future? You’re not alone as more than half of all respondents (53%) said that they were open to having kids…so, we’ll keep an eye out for growth in the Daddy Tribe.

And speaking of families, there are seven times as many married users as there are engaged users on the app – proving the “honeymoon period” may be short-lived.

Grindr respondents mostly use running (31%), weight lifting (25%) and fitness programs, like CrossFit (17%), to stay in shape. No, Netflix binging did not make the activity list.

And there’s no need to globetrot for the best nookie. Survey says the preponderance of respondents are keeping their hookups in their own backyards this summer. And speaking of long and hot, now is apparently the time for it.

Summer is the season for Grindring as almost 60% of respondents find the long, hot summer months to be the period in which they’re most active on the app. …

For U.S. users, look no further than your area beach or a backyard barbeque, which is where 54% said they would be. Basically, you’ll meet more guys this summer if you just keep it local.

There’s more to be had from the Gallup of Grindr as well, including how often and how long they spend on the app. They also offer tips to maximize your tricks, like using a face pic, completing your profile, linking your other social networks, and asking for what you like instead of what you don’t.

And there you have it, the latest on hooking up from the experts at Grindr. So the next time you’re literally “just looking” instead of playing coy, you might participate in the next survey and give them more to go on – from cruising posh hotels to tricking out the vote, from getting slutty with your junk to going bareback.

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