Gay hater: Chick-fil-A surrenders to ‘gay bullies’

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Poor Chick-fil-A. They get blasted by the gays for their CEO's intemperate outbursts about LGBT issues. And when he tries to kiss and make up, the company gets blasted by a notorious anti-gay bigot.

Scott Lively even wants Christians to boycott the Atlanta-based company, which is a big switch from the gay kiss protests of 2012.

There are varying theological views about what the Mark of the Beast is, or will be, and which ones among us will face that choice of taking or rejecting it. Nevertheless, it stands as a symbol to all Christians everywhere as the choice for or against Christ when the sword is on your neck and to choose Christ means to die saved, or live condemned to hell. The stress test of pressure from “gay” bullies is not life or death, but it is an indicator of whether you have the faith and courage to choose Him over the things of this world. In my mind’s eye I used to see the Mark of the Beast as a black dot on the back of the hand. Now it looks more like a Chik Fil A sandwich. I’ll never buy another one, and I hope you won’t either.

Lively went on his tirade, Dan Cathy takes the Mark of the Beast, in a piece for conservative Barbwire, upset that Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is "surrendering to the 'gay' bullies."

The good thing about a stress test is that it gives people an opportunity to change their ways (repent) before the final exam or the big crash. God doesn’t care about Chick Fil A’s profit margins if they come at the expense of Dan Cathy’s willingness to stand up for the truth under pressure. What would it profit Mr. Cathy to gain the whole world (or a few more restaurants on college campuses), if his compromise of Biblical truth today makes him less able to resist the real Mark of the Beast tomorrow?

I’m not saying that Dan Cathy isn’t saved, but he has certainly failed the stress test, and failed the Bible-believing Christian remnant everywhere, by surrendering to the “gay” bullies. How long before we see Chick Fil A running “gay”-friendly commercials as penance for Cathy‘s “homophobia?”

What did Cathy do to earn this rebuke? Absolutely nothing. He didn't disavow his anti-gay comments of the past, nor did he or the company suddenly embrace gay marriage. Cathy simply told the AJC that he regretted saying his anti-gay statements out loud. Bad for business and all that.

But please, carry on Scott Lively.

Nobody knows better than I do the price that one pays for standing up to the LGBT bullies. They are not only vindictive and relentless, they are also very creative in their methods of harassment. And there is an entire army of them ready to pounce on anyone who crosses them. I am absolutely certain that they tried their best to make Dan Cathy’s life a constant, living hell since 2012.

When inhaling Lively's hatred, consider the source. He's running for governor in Massachusetts and spent his time at a candidate forum on Wednesday ranting against LGBT issues. And there's this:

Lively, of Springfield, has made his name as an anti-gay activist. He wrote a book arguing that gays were the foundation of the Nazi party and delivered an anti-gay lecture in Uganda that contributed to the passage of a bill criminalizing homosexuality, according to detractors.

At the forum, asked about addressing domestic violence in the LGBTQ community, Lively said, “Why should we be propping up homosexual relationships instead of encouraging people into healthy normal…relationships?”

It's nearly enough to make you empathize with Cathy. Nah, not really.


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