Erick Erickson: Scrub gay from Orlando massacre

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Toxic anti-gay troll and Atlanta radio host Erick Erickson wants to scrub the Orlando massacre of its gay roots and blames LGBT activists for using the tragedy to promote a “bathroom agenda.”

Erickson – a pundit, Twitter troll and host of “Atlanta's Evening News with Erick Erickson” on WSB – took about two deep breaths before he spewed some new hate at one of his favorite punching bags – LGBT people – just hours after the massacre in the gay Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Erickson, like other anti-gay conservatives, wants to cleanse the discussion of the 49 murders at a gay club of anything LGBT so he won't have to dwell on his rich history of anti-gay rhetoric that progressivesincluding the ACLU – say contributes to tragedies like the one that unfolded early Sunday in Florida. He is, after all, the same guy that calls transgender people “mentally ill perverts,” hopes that gays breed themselves out of existence, labels gays as terrorists, complains that the gay mafia lynched Atlanta's former fire chief, blames fat lesbians for Ebola and is just a dick to gay Boy Scouts.

So his take on the Orlando massacre boils down to this: mentioning it's a tragedy for LGBT folks creates a “dividing line” that somehow cheapens the attack for straight white male conservatives that really don't want to hear about all that gay stuff. So he explained it all in a post on the Resurgent.

The terrorist attack in Orlando was a horrible tragedy. Within twelve hours though, the way the media chose to report on the event was that this was a tragedy in the gay community. That is an unnecessary dividing line. The terrorist attack was a tragedy in the American community.

The usual suspects were already out turning terror to politics. The President demands gun control. Gay rights activists demand universal access to bathrooms and failure to give them that means the terrorists won. But there are some actual questions the rhetorical lines are avoiding.

And while Erickson blames others – mostly LGBT activists – for politicizing the massacre, he does exactly that. Erickson mentions bathrooms three times in his post as part of his continuing assault on transgender restroom access and participation in the potty wars.

Political activists are now jockeying for position. Gay rights activists want to use this to advance the bathroom agenda. Some are even blaming conservatives for defending normal bathrooms. Atheist activists are lumping Christians and muslims together. Gun control activists demand more restrictions. Conservatives demand the President say the word “Islam.”

And so, Erickson concludes without a note of irony, if the gays want to keep talking about the Orlando massacre being a tragedy for LGBT people, than it's their fault if it happens again.

The divisions and focus on the gay community instead of the American community facing lone wolf terrorist attacks will result in the country doing absolutely nothing and asking all the wrong questions.

Sigh. At least he didn't offer prayers to the LGBT victims at the same time he's condemning them to death. Like this Augusta lawmaker.


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