‘Drag Race’ recap: Bridezilla bitchfest gets nasty

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imageMonday’s challenge on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” might be the best yet: Dress as both the bride and groom for a wedding snapshot. Even better: The claws come out worse than a one-day dress sale.

Like a bunch of little kids, most of the real drama between the queens on “Drag Race” takes place when Mama Ru isn’t watching. That changed this week, when a combative episode went nuclear on the main stage. RuPaul could hardly contain her fury—or her bias in favor of one of the contestants.

But let’s back up. The mini challenge put Raven at a slight advantage. The girls all decorated a box, and Ru picked her favorite, with clichés abounding throughout the judging.

“Can I hold your box?”

“That’s a really nice box.”

“Now that’s a box I’d like to get my hands on.”

You get the idea.

Raven was allowed to choose her wedding gown first and select the order in which the other “brides” picked theirs. It ultimately wasn’t that much of an advantage; the queens had to create their own wedding dress from the raw materials they chose.

The drama began in the workroom, and shockingly, the Bitch of the Day wasn’t Raven, who usually has no problem spewing “holier than thou” all over anyone in spitting distance.

No, the title of Bitch of the Day easily went to Tyra (top photo). Miss Thing has always been too into herself, but she took it to a whole new level. Even after the others told her she was distracting, she continued to sing (way) off-key—loudly. To make things worse, she said she didn’t realize it was a nuisance and didn’t stop because Tatiana “didn’t ask nicely.”


imageBut that brings us to a close second for Bitch of the Day. Tatiana (second photo) regularly trashes other contestants, passive-aggressively talks about them when they’re in earshot, and let’s face it, can’t hold a candle to most of the cast when it comes to drag.

Tatiana unleashed her not-so-hidden bitch on Tyra, who deserved it, and come on, what did you expect from a bunch of self-indulgent drag queens? It’s the stuff reality shows like this—and any night at any drag show—are made of.

But it didn’t stop in the workroom. They took it to the main stage in front of the judges. Then it got good.

After the bridal show and a reveal of the bride-groom snapshots (photos), Ru asked the girls if there was anything going on that the judges didn’t see on the stage each week. Jujubee, Pandora and Sahara all had a bone to pick with Tyra, but Tatiana took the lead:

“I don’t think the judges are seeing that Tyra is a complete bitch,” Tatiana told the judges. “She has this diva attitude like she’s America’s sweetheart, but she’s not.”

“That was frank,” RuPaul said, seething.

Pandora backed up Tatiana, and Tyra let her true colors show, choosing to play the victim and imply that the other girls are just jealous. Tatiana wouldn’t back down, and Jujubee chimed in against Tyra:

“Just get yourself some manners so you don’t look so damn stupid.”

imageThe attack backfired. The judges’ conference did acknowledge that Tyra seems cold, but that she serves drag better than the rest. RuPaul gushed over Tyra to the point that we all realized that her loyalties lie firmly with Tyra, no matter what Tyra does. There were better wedding ensembles and photos, most notably by Raven and Jujubee.

With such rage that there were tears in her eyes, RuPaul handed Tyra the win for the challenge and warned the girls that she wouldn’t tolerate dissention in the ranks—like that’s going to ever happen. Ru also told Tatiana that if it wasn’t for her immunity from the previous week, she would be in the bottom two.

Usually, the person sent home is the climax moment of the show, but after all that, it was an afterthought. Morgan and Sahara gave bad bride, so they landed in the bottom two. They Lip Synched For Your Life to guest judge Martha Wash’s song, and Morgan sashayed away.

We leave you with this: No matter how Tyra acts—and she has no class, to be sure—Tatiana should know better than to throw another contestant under the bus. We give her one or two more episodes before Ru tosses her out on her ass.

Everyone should take some behavior tips from Jessica Wild (bottom photo), the nicest of the contestants. Sure, she’ll never win in a million years and should take all the drag advice she can get, but the others could learn a thing or two from her about how far a sweet personality can get you.


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