Did RuPaul snatch Atlanta queen for ‘Drag Race’?

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If at first you don't succeed in getting picked for “RuPaul's Drag Race,” try, try, try – and try once more. That persistence might finally pay off for Atlanta queen Nina Bonina Brown.

Speculation is heavy that the 34-year-old performer and YouTube addict is among the queens cast for Season 9 of the hit Logo show. And when fans focus their attention on Atlanta performers likely to make the cut, they've been spot on with Dax Exclamationpoint in Season 8 and Violet Chachki in Season 7. (Though not so much with Skarlet Starlet earlier this year.)

Brown has auditioned for the show at least three times – for Seasons 5, 6 and 8. “Drag Race” fans have noticed. And now that attention has turned to Season 9 – likely to premiere in the first few months of 2017 – Brown is making the list of contestants.

Speculation from the nearly 60,000 Ru Girls on Reddit's rupaulsdragrace has included Brown. The biggest hint? The queens going dark on social media about the time “Drag Race” is known to be shooting the upcoming season.

Nina Bo'nina Brown (Atlanta, GA): MIA from Facebook/Instagram since August 8th, Twitter since July 31st and YouTube since August 2nd. Usually uploads her audition videos after being told she is not on, but has yet to do so this year.

And this.

Nina Bo'Nina Brown, 34, Atlanta

Nina is a controversial and well-known queen from Atlanta. She's been on Transformations and showed off her incredible makeup skills there. She learned how to carve a face at a young age by playing with makeup, and wants to show the world her stunning transformation skills through Drag Race.

In fact, Nina has been quite public about her auditions and has uploaded several, including her Season Six audition. She's auditioned, and failed to get in, quite a few times and has been known to make a big deal out of it. She's said that RuPaul hates her for what she's said before, and “doesn't get her drag” which could be telling of how she's gonna do this season.

Nina is very proud, and believes she embodies everything a drag queen should be. She's comfortable in her skin, and proud of who she is. Nina is a very competitive person, and says that she'd read you to China and back but never to your face. She wants to be able to always show herself in a positive light.

She's a master at creating and styling wigs, and is quite the inventive seamstress. Nina prides herself on always embodying a look, and selling it.

If Brown joins the cast, she'll be the latest in a long line of Atlanta queens to make a run for the “Drag Race” crown. Dax Exclamationpoint took an early exit in episode 2 of Season 8 earlier this year. She followed Violet Chachki, who of coursewon Season 7.Trinity K. Bonet hadan emotional journeyto the ninth episode of Season 6, which was then a record for Atlanta queens. Before that there was Nicole Paige Brooks (Season 2, episode 2), Sonique (Season 2, episode 4), Phoenix (Season 3, episode 2) and Mariah Paris Balenciaga (Season 3, episode 6).

Brown is from South Carolina and in a 2013 audition video, said she now lived in Riverdale and worked as a makeup artist. Her Facebook page now says she lives in Atlanta.

In the Season 6 audition video, Brown describes herself as a nice, laid-back person who can be shady.

“My dad passed me the stuttering gene, the allergy gene. But he did not pass me the heterosexual gene. I'm over it,” Brown said.

In her Season 8 audition video, Brown says it's her time.

“I think I embody everything that a drag queen is supposed to embody. Not only that, I embody everything that a gay man is supposed to embody. I am comfortable in my skin and I'm proud of who I am,” Brown said.

“So what makes me the next drag superstar is because people can relate to me. But I want to be that person who can show people that when you think nothing is going to happen, bam out of the blue, blessings will fall upon you,” she added.

Blessings. And maybe a crown.


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