Judy Gold hits ATL with humor in her heart and the F Word on her lips

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Judy Gold is as real as it gets. The over the top, loud, loveable, lesbian, Jewish comedian does everything like a boss. From her prolific love for the F word to her outspoken voice on social issues, Gold has been on fire yet again in 2017 with no signs of slowing down.

In anticipation of her December 25 show at City Winery, Gold chats with Q magazine to spill all the tea on her wild career, the “f-ing loser” sitting in the Oval Office, the #MeToo movement, and her holiday plans.

Brace yourselves, Atlanta, for the one and only Judy Gold.

You have had quite the career. What would you say has been the highest point thus far?

Fuck, I don’t even think I could pick just one moment, year, project, whatever. They have all been my highest points, you know? Let’s see, all of my specials on HBO, Comedy Central I absolutely loved. One time I was working with Margaret Cho, and on set they had a director’s chair for me with my fucking name on it! I thought, “I fucking made it!” And of course you can’t forget about “The Judy Show—My life as a Sitcom”, “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother,” um “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” “Roseanne.” Wow, I could go on and on.

Speaking of 'Roseanne,' how do you feel about the revival coming out next year?

I loved, loved the original show. It is a classic. However, I feel like with all these revivals, bringing everything back it is saying something, people are searching for something.

My theory is we are so caught up in the little electronic thing in our hands, we can’t look away or put down, that we are longing for what used to be. Nostalgia is taking over and we are longing for simpler, happier times where families would gather around and watch all these amazing sitcoms that are coming back. This new age of technology has changed everything.

2017 has been super busy for you. How do you manage?

Family comes first for me, so when I am home I disconnect from the work life and focus on what is right there in front of me. But I do like to be busy. Like today, I got up, checked in to see what else fucking Trump has done to this nation, had an audition, recorded a new podcast, and now I’m on the phone with you. I keep it moving.

The current administration must be a gold mine of material. Is it a blessing, a curse?

Honestly, I would trade every joke in the fucking world just to get rid of this disaster of an administration. They take themselves so seriously, and they are the least serious bunch of idiots I have seen run the White House.

Look, I didn’t love George Bush, but you could make a joke about him and his staff and people would see the humor in it. Trump on the other hand is not fucking funny. During my show, I have started off with a joke about him, and if his supporters are in the audience they will literally get up and leave. He has turned up the volume on divisiveness and hatred in this country. He is the worst.

Considering the current spotlight against sexual harassment, where do you draw the line on using it in your comedy?

As comedians, it is our job to find the humor in any situation. This movement is beautiful. Since the dawn of time, people have made light of the old pervert who cops a feel. They make a joke, he gets a free pass, and the victim is left to deal with the fallout. There should be no fucking statute of limitations on despicable behavior like that.

Now, when it comes to using the topic for a set, comics should know their audience, be committed to their material and be respectful. It’s all about the delivery.

What can Atlanta expect from your show at City Winery?

It’s Christmas, so they can expect a jolly good time! I haven’t been to Atlanta in a while, so I am looking forward to getting down there, having some wine, having some laughs, and seeing what kind of trouble we can get into.

I assume as a Jew you don’t do Christmas. Do you have any holiday plans?

Well, I love Christmas! (laughs). I’m looking forward to spending time with my girlfriend and family. I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Eve. The New Year to me always begins with Rosh Hashanah. That is when everything changes. Yet, my girlfriend’s birthday is on New Year’s, so she has given me a reason to love the holiday. We will probably be at my house in Provincetown and celebrate her the way she deserves.

Judy Gold plays City Winery on December 25. Visit citywinery.com.


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