True Blood

‘True Blood’: ‘Run!’ from worst episode ever

As Sookie heads to another dreamland bed and the witches and vampires head to another battle this week, we gotta ask: Are brief nude scenes and light teases keeping your interest in “True Blood”?

‘True Blood’: Everybody get naked and run

If a vampire and a werewolf must fight over you, it should be Eric and Alcide, and they should both strip before they do it. That’s the ever-put-upon Sookie’s plight on “True Blood” this week.

‘True Blood’: A fairy by any other name

Sookie blurts out her nature as well as exactly how we feel about this episode in the first line, making the cast's Rolling Stone cover the most exciting thing about "True Blood" this week.

‘True Blood’: Thrill me, kiss me, kill me

After last week’s gore-over-gay episode, gay fans can delight in this week's “True Blood.” Beyond usual flirts, one-liners, eye-candy and quick cutaways, the same-sex sparks really fly.

‘True Blood’: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

If some audiences are squeamish about how gay “True Blood” is this season, creators even the playing field by prioritizing gore over gay so everybody feels a little queasy.

‘True Blood’: Good views and bad news

We were just as bummed by the Fourth of July break from “True Blood” as we were excited for Sunday’s return. We just didn’t expect that the juxtaposition of good and bad would last all night.