sex survey

LGBTQ women who love women reveal 10 things about their sex lives

We went to some trusted sources for revelations specifically about lesbian sex from cis and trans-identified women who have sex with women.

Survey says: Gay Atlanta vers with thirst for kink

Gay Atlanta isn't shy about sharing its intimate secrets and when it's time to get down, these boys know how to play, according to the results of a new survey.

Most gay men didn’t use condoms last night

If you were one of the gay men having sex last night – or last week, or last month – a new study says chances are that you skipped instead of slipped on a condom before delivering the sausage.

Gay Atlanta loves group sex and eager bottoms

Once a year, somebody challenges the notion that gay Atlanta is a bunch of vers-bottoms with shrinking penises and vanilla tastes. Enter the survey that lists turn-ons including public sex and tat sleeves.

David Atlanta wants to know if you do three-ways

A sure-fire way to heat up a gay Atlanta winter is to talk sex. Not in the bedroom, though that’s good too, but out in the open where everyone can hear. ‘Tis the season to tell a local gay glossy exactly how you like it.

More barebacking if he’s good looking? Yes.

As the song goes, “Good lookin’ guys are a dime a dozen.” Mama told us to shop around, but she didn’t take the most recent safer sex survey. Urban gays did, and they’re giving it up raw for hotties.

Gay survey says: You’re getting laid less

We've got good news and bad news. The good news is, you're much less likely to be having sex for money or drugs lately. Good job! But you also are getting laid less. So sorry.

Gay Atlanta men, your penis is shrinking

You kinky, slutty Atlanta gays. You’ll make a sex tape, send X-rated pics to potential tricks, sex it up at the bar, dive into an orgy and love it doggie style. Sorry your dicks are getting smaller, though.

Atlanta gay men are hung, kinky, size queens

Bigger, better and versatile. Gay Atlanta Sex Survey results are in and we say this: You gay boys are a whorish, kinky bunch who’d rather cheat on your man than take a few minutes for self pleasure.