Meet Charlie Paine, a preservationist helping save queer Atlanta memories

Meet Charlie Paine, the LGBTQ History Committee chair for Historic Atlanta, a volunteer-run group dedicated to preserving landmarks.

Artist Maite Nazario debuts Beltline murals on queer love, HIV

Maite Nazario is queering the Beltline. At just 19 years old, she has already made her mark on Atlanta’s art scene by celebrating queer and trans people of color in the form of a mural.

Queer comic Mehran Khaghani burns and builds bridges at Red Clay Festival

Mehran Khaghani first made a splash as a contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing back in 2015. Since then, he’s been captivating audiences all over the country and plans to wow Atlanta this week.

Noah’s Arc stars reunite for Out on Film’s ‘From Zero to I Love You’

Doug Spearman's new film with actor Darryl Stephens, "From Zero to I Love You" completes a 20-plus year journey to the screen when it plays the Out on Film festival on Sept. 27.

Family dynamics and May-December romance mingle in ‘Skintight’

Award-winning director Freddie Ashley launches Actor’s Express season with "Skintight," a sexy queer-inclusive show that asks, "Why and why not?" about cultural norms.

Sip on queer Atlanta comedian Ian Aber’s new ‘Night Sugar’ album

Atlanta comic and show runner Ian Aber is closing in on a decade in stand-up comedy, talking about what he knows best — being queer and feeling like an outsider.

Ansley Kroger pharmacist makes career in the heart of queer Atlanta

When you’ve run a pharmacy in Midtown for decades, you’re bound to see some things. Lanier Mull has seen a lot. He knows more than what the doctor ordered.

19 for 2019: Q people welcome Black Gay Pride Atlanta

With a commitment to covering all of LGBTQ-ATL all year, Q builds on its vast archive of coverage and a stockpile of gorgeous photography to shed light and love on Black Pride in Atlanta.

Meet 19 LGBTQ foodies cooking up Atlanta’s next great meal

Haters are just envious that you live in Atlanta with our bevy of eateries, from hip to happening to haute cuisine. Here are LGBTQ restaurateurs on the frontlines.

She’s out to clear up myths about healthy eating

Healthy food is personal for Jennifer Karlebach. It got her through side effects of a disease, which inspired her to become a nutrition expert.

Singer Brendan Maclean says, ‘Pop my Southern cherry, Atlanta’

There’s a good chance you found the "sweet pop gloriousness" of Brendan Maclean through “House of Air,” which you'll hear at The Basement.

King Perka $exxx rises from Atlanta’s diverse drag king scene

Art itself inspires the creation of new artists, and that’s what happened with drag performer Perka $exxx, the king scene's self professed class clown.

Artist Emmy Marshall wants to lift up Atlanta’s queer arts community

Emmy Marshall is having a moment. The artist takes a few minutes to talk inspiration, Atlanta's art scene, and his big plans in the coming months.

Former pro boxer Janaya Davis inspires others to get fit

Just call Janaya ‘Jai’ Davis the Comeback Kid. She was a star in the boxing world, then a firefighter and paramedic, and ultimately a beacon of resilience.

‘Extra Salty’ comic Ky Krebs hits Atlanta for Stonewall Weekend

Ky Krebs came up and out in the South, and it informs who he is as a comic. In his Atlanta debut, he brings Q mag a mix of tea, shade and laughs.

Meet DJ Esme and his antidote for ‘toxic and abusive’ Atlanta nightlife

Kenneth Figueroa is a man on a mission. He has come a long way from the “huge anti-social goth kid” growing up in Acworth, Ga to becoming queer Atlanta's own DJ Esme.

Trans Atlanta artist, musician Royce Hall ‘creates a journey’

Royce Hall wants to save lives through his art, and he takes a number of avenues to do so, be it as a recording artist, actor, poet, photographer or sketch artist.

QMed ‘revolutionizing care for transgender people in the South’

When Izzy Lowell moved from Massachusetts to Atlanta in 2013, the gender nonconforming physician noticed limited healthcare options for transgender people. The doctor is in.

Meet an Atlantan helping lift up Latinx LGBTQ people

When you’re queer and Latinx, you may have unique needs. That’s where Latino LinQ comes in. Meet Humberto Orozco and his American dream.

WERUradio queers up Urban airwaves, diversifies Pride radio

What is LGBTQ music? What is Pride music? Whatever your definitions, WERUradio (“we are you radio”) is here to expand them. We "R" here for it.