Sam Roni is ‘2Qute’ to quit over coronavirus or any other obstacle

When Sam Roni moved to Atlanta from Indonesia in 2000, he had $300 to his name, didn’t speak English, and took a job washing...

T-shirt designer puts new graphics on face masks in the COVID era

Coronavirus hits and everyone scrambles to define themselves in a new era. What’s a queer Atlanta graphic tee designer to do? Create masks, of course.

LNDN calling: Musician launches foundation for queer artists

Shining a light on the black, queer experience is part and parcel of the music by local artist LNDN. Now the Atlanta artist has found a way to give back to other creators.

6 LGBTQ comics make the most of queer comedy quarantine

What do you do when gig life dries up? If you’re a queer in comedy, you take your show off the road and do what you gotta do like the rest of us, only funnier.

Free spirit and entrepreneur Brandé Elise wants to unite queer Atlanta

If you can’t quite place Brandé Elise, you might remember her as the ex of a former Atlanta Dream star, as a Lust List honoree, or you might even know her voice.

The t-shirt designer behind Mango Drip has a message for you

Jeremy Jackson has a message for you. More than one, in fact, and you can show it off on his line of clothing and other merchandise available all over LGBTQ Atlanta.

Two legendary heroes engage in ‘warplay’ at Out Front

Atlanta’s GBTQ theater troupe turns to two mythic male figures for a reflection on male intimacy and the effects of wartime on any society.

Atlanta burlesque dancer finds liberation amplifying queerness

Flux Inqueerior shares their origin story, the importance of living their truth in performances, and how they wind down when not in Flux mode.

‘SNL’ writer Sam Jay hits Atlanta to record her Netflix comedy special

Whether performing stand-up comedy or as a writer on 'Saturday Night Live,' Sam Jay's wit and warmth secure her position as a standout. That's just the beginning.

Matteo calling: Multi-talented funny man returns to Atlanta

Comic Matteo Lane has been tearing it up on Comedy Central, a podcast and Instagram. He's back in Atlanta for three nights of comedy.

Queer Atlanta artist Riley Mayhem creates her own niche

How Riley Mayhem developed a method of creating paper portraits, made the leap to become a working artist, then impressed City Hall.

LGBTQ musical mentor makes beautiful music with Atlanta youth

When Atlanta needs a music mentor to guide its youth, they go to Notes for Notes, where Jen Hodges offers free instruction and a recording studio.

LGBTQ ATL-ien fights for queer youth and a bikeable ATL

Adah-Duval Pittman-Delancey has "Champion” in her official job title, but it also fits her volunteerism with Teach America's LGBTQ youth initiative.

Singer Tom Goss opens up on polyamory, domestic violence

Out singer Tom Goss is making things personal, offering up even more heart and soul on his new album 'Territories' than he’s already known for.

Artist Brad Gibson on t-shirts, cosplay, otherness & the art of transformation

You see Brad Gibson’s artwork regularly. You could easily be wearing one of his t-shirt designs. You could look right at him and not know it's him.

Meet Charlie Paine, a preservationist helping save queer Atlanta memories

Meet Charlie Paine, the LGBTQ History Committee chair for Historic Atlanta, a volunteer-run group dedicated to preserving landmarks.

Artist Maite Nazario debuts Beltline murals on queer love, HIV

Maite Nazario is queering the Beltline. At just 19 years old, she has already made her mark on Atlanta’s art scene by celebrating queer and trans people of color in the form of a mural.

Touch myself: Pleasuring our way past pesky sexual hang-ups

"I love sex. Show me a person, and right or wrong, I decide within milliseconds what they look like naked, whether or not I’d do them, and how it would be if I did."

Queer comic Mehran Khaghani burns and builds bridges at Red Clay Festival

Mehran Khaghani first made a splash as a contestant on NBC’s Last Comic Standing back in 2015. Since then, he’s been captivating audiences all over the country and plans to wow Atlanta this week.

Noah’s Arc stars reunite for Out on Film’s ‘From Zero to I Love You’

Doug Spearman's new film with actor Darryl Stephens, "From Zero to I Love You" completes a 20-plus year journey to the screen when it plays the Out on Film festival on Sept. 27.




Index, ring fingers tell the secret of your penis

The next time you’re cruising Mr. Right Now, take a gander at his index and ring fingers. The difference between the two predicts what you’ll find when the package gets unwrapped. Less is more. Really.
Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium 2020

Massive expansion of ‘Church’ bar finally open after 2020 plot twists

Grant Henry’s vision is always unique, his dreams always big, and the quirky results always undeniable. Patrons see that dynamic in action again with...

Georgia LGBTQ leaders endorse Biden as pro-equality ‘champion’

Eleven LGBTQ leaders from metro Atlanta joined some 300 others nationwide to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them “the most pro-equality ticket...

WSB’s Jorge Estevez’s secret to surviving the pandemic? Snacks

Jorge Estevez moved to Atlanta to start his new job just weeks before the coronavirus pandemic hit, then racial justice protests unfolded and a...