Q Voices

The real lives behind trans bans like the one in the U.S. Military

When an entire group of people is barred from any area of public life based on immutable characteristics, society as a whole suffers. James Parker Sheffield in this week's Q Voices.

When it feels right defending the drag queens we hate

Back in the marriage equality fight of the mid-2000s, before states that allowed same-sex marriage were stacking up faster than empty champagne flutes at a fancy brunch, there was a significant side conversation.

Gay Atlanta man dives into marriage with communication as Job One

We were celebrating Valentine’s Day at a restaurant, and I broached the subject. It was nerve-wracking and exhilarating. My heart was beating faster, and my pits were dampening.

Her brief queer history of the Ones Who Got Away

I came out in my early twenties roughly 25 years ago. I knew nothing about lesbian relationships, but jumped right in. There were successes. There were failures.

Kevin Hart, comedy and what queer audiences should care about more

We are confronted with exclusion, indifference and marginalization, but part of being queer is picking our fights. There's a better way to push lasting change in entertainment.

‘Tis the season to stop feeling queer guilt

Holiday guilt can take many forms. People can feel a responsibility for gifts, visits, or especially for LGBTQ folks, bearing seasonal shame and holiday contrition.

Sabrina, Super Drags and ‘Chilling’ homophobia on Netflix

Pop Culture can be a minefield for queer people. It's where the mythologies reside upon which we build early identities, so it's where we should keep an eye on our representation.

‘I’m with her’: Making the queer case for Stacey Abrams

I am scared, and if you’re scared too, a Stacey Abrams win can help calm very real LGBTQ survival fears in Georgia. We need to vote for her because she leads in a fearless way.

Celebrating real straight allies, not just the self-aggrandizing ones

For Ian Aber, getting straight with straight people means cutting some of the slack he never got as a fabulous but bullied queer kid and realizing at least some things have changed.

When I was 12, I decided to kill myself over being bullied

Suicide among kids came screaming back home for one local columnist when Denver 9-year-old Jamel Myles, just entering 4th grade, took his own life back in August.

Why celebrating Black Gay Pride in itself is activism

“Every time we make the active choice to place shame, fear and rejection on the back burner and live openly as LGBTQ people, we are taking a radical stance.”

Gemmel Moore was a man, not a cautionary tale

Gemmel Moore died almost exactly a year ago. All who mourn should resist the temptation to fit his life and death into some narrative about race, sexuality and pathology.

Why Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nannette’ Neflix special is so divisive

The debate has been raging on social media. Many straight comedians came out to mock and dismiss it as unfunny and not valuable – not that anyone asked them.

Finding queer patriotism in a country with a long way to go

Thanks for climbing Miss Liberty. Thanks for protesting Stone Mountain. Thanks to a gay brother and veteran. And thanks for performing the national anthem in full drag.

Dos and don’ts of bringing a third into your love relationship

It can feel rough when one party has to abide pre-arranged agreements set by two other people, but fair negotiations in polyamorous relationships is crucial.

When your queer love is like peanut butter and jelly

We are each a unique ingredient. When combined, individual flavors can be enhanced, but don’t get so meshed with Mr. Peanut Butter or Ms. Jelly that you forget who you are.

Trans Atlanta woman digs deep to find ‘what is mine to do’

If you’re looking for “what is yours to do,” here's one queer tale about living from the heart, which already knew the answer, and how, once I looked within, my purpose found me.

One black, gay Atlanta man’s story ‘for the love of Andre Leon Talley’

As his documentary hits Atlanta, a fashion icon is remembered for his impact on black LGBTQ culture by a local queer advocate with a parallel personal journey to share.

Why’s it so hard for so many LGBTQs to let bisexuals exist?

It's Visibility 101. Too many 'act as if bisexuality is somehow the tableside guacamole of sexuality.' We're not entitled to chill while they prove they are bi while we sip margs and judge.

The LGBTQ disconnect that finds some alone in a crowded room

How is it possible to be surrounded by others and yet feel disconnected? Here's how one gay Atlanta man figured out how you can experience community without sacrificing your hard-won independence.