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Racism in Atlanta’s gayborhoods runs deep. Where do we go from here?

Let’s be real. Many queer folks and people of color don’t feel welcomed and are not welcomed in many predominantly white and cisgender spaces.

The T in Tinder — and the B, and the Lipstick L — spell trouble

As a cis woman, my experience on Tinder isn’t as treacherous transgender users. As a queer woman, I feel like a lamb shank in a butcher shop.

Prep for Pride and beyond on National Gay Men’s HIV Awareness Day

National Gay Men’s HIV Awareness Day is Sept. 27. In addition to several local commemorations and events, guys can get in on this discussion to squash shame, quash anxiety, and move beyond "risk."

20th Bi Visibility Day still a double-edged challenge for bisexuals

We’ve come a long way since the first Bi Visibility Day in 199, but unfortunately, bisexual people still face pressure to justify their identity regardless of their partner's gender.

A Black Pride Atlanta call to action: Go beyond visibility to liberation

It can be easy to forget that black LGBTQ lives are under attack, especially in this era of Pose, Lil Nas X and Lena Waithe. Visibility is great, but it’s not the end game. Pride = Liberation.

Dancing with our depression on LGBTQ suicide watch

They say take time to be grateful, that the act of gratitude will ground you, motivate you and make you appreciate your life more. This is some straight-person bullshit.

My queer existence as queer resistance

We are the legacy of unapologetically queer community leaders, activists, families, performers and more. Our existence itself is an act of rebellion.

Dear Straight People: An open letter to those who judge and condemn LGBTQ people

Many of you are allies of the LGBTQ community. Thank you. But now I want to address other “straight” persons who wrestle to accept their LGBGTQ brethren.

Atlanta Dykes, Femmes tell Stonewall QueerStory ‘when we hid’

In 1969, everything about us was illegal. Congregating. Being served alcohol. Cross-dressing (“masquerading”). A simple touch could lead to your arrest and your demise.

Our LGBTQ lives, ‘mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie’

"I recently “Shazamed” a song that was extraordinarily sung and poignantly lyrical. I stopped to be moved and to identify my own story of loss, love and life.

A doctor’s reflections on HIV Long-Term Survivors Day

Dr. Joel Rosenstock, the longtime medical director for AbsoluteCARE Medical Center & Pharmacy, started providing care to people with HIV in 1981 when the disease was first being discovered. He reflects on 38 years of serving patients with HIV.

Arming ourselves, taking heart as Supreme Court comes for queers

"We’d all like to live in a world where we can live out and express our truth, but the lack of protections at nearly every level of American government leaves us vulnerable."

Why some classic rock songs should be relics of our queer past

Songs like "Lola" and "Walk on the Wild Side" did great things for exposure and legitimately helped some trans women, but now they're an open invitation to make fun of trans women.

Fear of butch queen Pete Buttigieg as the Great Queer Hope

I am not saying that I don’t want another queer president. That is not what this is about. Not at all. And yes I said another queer president, but that is for a whole other column.

Filling the queer empathy gap makes us better as a whole

Superstars among us hold a common thread, and it’s an achievable goal for all of us. The most effective and well-respected queers have an unwavering commitment to empathy.

Yet another way that genitals don’t make the man

If you consider it immutable that having a penis makes you a man and having a vagina makes you a woman, that's Gender Essentialism, and here's why I hate it.

The dreams and promises of sports don’t include transgender people

The only social events that I ever wanted to participate in were sports, mainly soccer. It helped that in elementary school soccer, teams were made of both boys and girls, but the non-binary system didn't last.

What poet Essex Hemphill can teach us about Jussie Smollett

It troubles columnist Eric T. Paulk that so many queers, especially black LGBTQ folks, are so quick to believe the evidence against Jussie Smollett in an alleged hate-motivated attack on him.

Revisiting a fake Atlanta and its web of cis white lies

Maybe coming of age in the late ‘80s and ‘90s as a queer person has shaped my view of the world. Jaded it. But queers in pop culture today feel like an over-correction.

Dykes, bikes and a brief history of women riding motorcyles

Today, many women are afraid to ride motorcycles except as a passenger, but motorcycles have been empowering women since the 1800s. These are their stories.