Q Voices

Take Pride in Atlanta and the LGBTQ rainbow beyond simple symbolism

Call me Judy, because I’m over the rainbow. Seriously. The knee-jerk overuse of that particular symbol has become so annoying to me as someone who’s job...

Here’s why Southern HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is critical

The South is the current epicenter of HIV in the US, so it comes as great importance that Aug. 20 is designated Southern HIV/AIDS...

Rewarding pretty white mediocrity and the confirmed ‘Bachelor’

Is it heroic for a cisgender body normative white gay male celebrity to come out for cash? No. Is it ultimately good news for...

Less ‘back to normal,’ more re-imagining post-pandemic life

Springtime. A time of new beginnings. A time of rebirth. And by the height of summer 2021, a majority of Americans may be vaccinated...

Let’s set 2021 free from ‘influencers’ and bad influences

In 2021, I predict the return of "the American president," the end of the Kardashian empire, and a transition away from internet and social...

Let’s create new LGBTQ holiday traditions of our very own

At the end of every year, countless stores, songs, films, video games, books and TV shows focus solely on what is, quite possibly for...

What I found when I set out looking for ‘Trump’s Gays’

The last four years of Donald Trump have been rough, but none more so than 2020. The pandemic, the mind-numbing drone of election-year rhetoric,...

Nov. 3 is a critical day in the lives of LGBTQ Atlantans

Some might say that this coming Tuesday is the most crucial day in years for queer safety, rights and survival. It’s time to flick...

Why Midtown isn’t Atlanta’s only LGBTQ anchor anymore

As some incessant chatter goes, monied yuppies in reversed suburban flight ruined Midtown, and LGBTQ Atlanta is worse for it. We fixed up the place, and...

Helping ourselves and leading others by bursting the LGBTQ bubble

According to your social feed, you are so right so often that you must have the world by the tail. But with all the...

Is assimilation erasing LGBTQ culture? No, and here’s why.

As the equality floodgates continue opening, the LGBTQ landscape is morphing, and spurring debate about the queer next generation – a great one if...

One person’s continuing journey to non-binary acceptance

As a newly out nonbinary queer person, it’s harder moving about in this new world than I anticipated, similar but different to standing firm in my bisexuality.

Maybe ‘8 couldn’t wait,’ but it’s far from enough Atlanta Police reform

Atlanta City Council and Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms backed "8 Can’t Wait," but one set of basic ideas won't fix what ails the Atlanta Police Department, and won't really change anything.

Re-evaluating ourselves and our relationships during quarantine

I miss our community. In the midst of self-imposed isolation, I have spent some time going deep and cleaning my own internal house. You can too.

That feeling I hadn’t quite put my finger on: Loss

I’ve been struggling to identify a feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty, disappointment, sadness, caring and gratitude are there, but not quite it.

Please stop conflating coronavirus with early HIV/AIDS

People have asked me if our lives today feel like the early years of HIV/AIDS, and I want to scream. There is no comparison. Just stop.

Buck up, queer children. 2020 is going to be a bumpy ride

While it was on their backs that our current freedoms were built, it may be by the strength of our own backs that it will be maintained.

How you can help jump Georgia’s biggest hurdle at AIDS Watch 2020

More than 30 states including Georgia criminalize HIV. This week, you're invited to join other advocates to do something about it.

One Atlantan’s quintessential queer relationship manifesto

I unlocked the U-Haul achievement at 30 and failed miserably. Why? Because society conditions us to find “The One”, get married, have kids, and die. But do queer women really want to nest mere minutes after meeting “The One”?

When idols die and we lose a little piece of our queer childhoods

Having heroes pass away is one of the hardest things about aging. When a bright star fades suddenly, it changes the constellations in our mind’s skies.