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19 things you need to know about Atlanta’s big gay Toy Party

By now you know what’s up at Toy Party, gay Atlanta’s biggest holiday cocktail party with thousands of LGBT guests frolicking for funds like only we know how. Consider these fun tips and awesome visuals your refresher course.

My Sister’s Room throws it down [photos]

It’s never, ever just another Saturday night at East Atlanta’s lesbian bar. With special guests and events every week, these ladies know how to party. Here’s a heads up on how to throw down.

Heretic hits summer with sudsy benefit [photos]

Heretic blasted off into summer on Sunday with some hunks in swimsuits, drag queens in a sudsy pit, a foam party, gay jocks and lots of music. Summer kickoff indeed.

Wet Demons bust some beers at Joe’s [photos]

The on-the-field struggles of the Wet Demons are soon forgotten when the squad knocks back some beers and shots, turns up the music and hosts its annual (and popular) beer bust.

No lame Ducks at softball beer bust [photos]

Hotlanta Softball’s Rubber Ducks quacked their way through the gay league’s Extra Innings Beer Bust on Sunday, offering bottomless beer, Jell-O shots and a raffle along the way.

Hotlanta Softball quenches its thirst [photos]

There was music, raffles, Jell-O shots, gift cards and much madness during the Mudcats beer bust on Saturday at Frogs. Would you expect something less from an event called the Thirsty Games?

Hotlanta Softball’s menacing beer bust [photos]

When the games are over and the gay jocks leave the field, a long day with the Hotlanta Softball League is far from over. It’s time for a beer bust!

DJ Vicki Powell works the man’s den [photos]

Vicki Powell worked her DJ magic in the man’s den on Saturday, taking over the DJ booth of Cockpit for a guest appearance in the south Atlanta gay bar.

Sunday Funday puts drag on the menu [photos]

How about a side of drag with your burger? Sunday Funday took on a meaty drag flavor as Princess Charles corralled some friends for Drag in the Spring.

Softball reaches extra innings with beer [photos]

When the last pitch was thrown on Sunday, the Hotlanta Softball League packed up its cleats and headed for the nearest keg. Time for their Opening Day Extra Innings Beer Bust.

Softball jocks party into spring season [photos]

Even before Opening Day on Sunday, Hotlanta Softball League's Talons team hosted a beer bust on Saturday to kick off spring and softball season with a party on the patio.

Titans warm up with bowling, beer, boys [photos]

There’s a couple of things the Atlanta Titans do well off the field: Wash cars with strippers, drink beer and bowl. The gay Hotlanta Softball League team did a couple of those on Sunday.

Amsterdam sows seeds for volleyball [photos]

The 20th Hotlanta Classic volleyball tournament was more than serves and spikes. After a Saturday of sweat and net, a party for the visiting teams took over Amsterdam.

Burkhart’s is always putting on a show [photos]

Every night, there’s free entertainment at Burkhart’s, even before the nightly shows. Here are some of the mugs who gathered early and stayed late on Saturday.

Every Saturday’s a Hot Mess! at Mary’s [photos]

There’s always something happening at Mary’s. The East Atlanta gay bar's regular events like Big Primpin, Boys Room and Mary-oke are capped off each Saturday with a Hot Mess!

Blake’s does up Mardi Gras Sunday [photos]

Sundays at Blake’s on the Park are already legen… wait for it … dary! But this past one took on the revelry of Mardi Gras with a Carnevale edition of its usual weekend closeout.