Iconic Role: Taking on Actor’s Express’ epic Angels in America

Out actor Grant Chapman chose the right material to make a splash in Atlanta theater. He plays one of the central characters in the currently running epic, Angels in America.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

LGBT-ATL won’t let that gray, blustery winter get you down. There's too many gay events for that. Wrap your lovin’ arms around the Queer Agenda of plays, parties and performances.

Queer-inclusive Roxie Roz shows Atlanta how they burlesque

The leader of an empowered, body-positive troupe talks about staging dozens of shows a year across Atlanta with thought, humor and a wink behind their sexy tease.

New Q wrestles mental health, stomps stigma, and tastes the swirl

No time for butthurt shouldn’t translate to a complete lack of empathy. This week's Q magazine spotlights uniquely queer challenges and fun as only we know how to have it.

Ria Mae shines queer light on bleak winter music scene

With a great new sound from the Great White North, out singer Ria Mae warms a chilly January release season with her 'My Love' EP, including a collaboration with Tegan of Tegan & Sara.

Jolly? ‘Super Crip’? Misconceptions while dating, queer and disabled

Tameeka L. Hunter, an Atlanta scholar with cerebral palsy, talks about having to balance society’s misconceptions and misunderstandings with her own desires and desirability.

TERF Wars: How ‘trans envy’ stunts lesbian community’s growth

It’s not just rhetoric or conjecture. TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) and outright trans envy definitely exist in lesbian circles, along with harsh judgments about transgender people in general.

Atlanta makes out with comic Guy Branum at Laughing Skull

Guy Branum is a force of nature. The “Staff Homosexual” on Cheleea Lately, Natalie Portman’s sassy friend in No Strings Attached, and the host of truTV's "Talk Show The Game Show" hits Atlanta.

Meet six curvy queers expanding the notions of LGBTQ beauty

LGBTQ Atlanta residents show off with local photographer Jon Dean and open up about embracing their shape and defining their style among sometimes-exclusionary standards.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Parties, plays, performances and all our people. Pop into LGBT events this weekend for a respite during your hard-earned downtime. Click and scroll to start making plans with your gays.

Quentin Harrison turns obsession with music icons into killer serial

With a steadfast focus on female musicians of past and present, local music lover and historian Quentin Harrison adds to his burgeoning Record Redux series with his latest book.

This week’s Q mag spotlights curvy queers and variation as strength

There are as many kinds of queers as there are kinds of people, but making that a curse rather than a virtue hamstrings LGBTQ Atlanta. Q steps again toward all for one and one for all.

How this queer succeeds playing his own worst enemy

Every year, I make them. Every year, they ping that voice inside that says I can't. This year, I make the same resolutions, but they are a total sham. A con. This year, I’m playing dirty.

Let 2018 be the year that queer Atlanta learns empathy for a change

If we're looking for a chance to start fresh, let LGBT Atlanta and its allies start by realizing that seeing the humanity in others is what makes us better as a whole community.

‘Qweirdos,’ drag and garage pop brew up Sweet Tea variety show

Meet Taylor Alxndr and get a load of her vision for LGBTQ entertainment in Atlanta. Music, performance artists and more come together for a unique queer experience this week.

Biker Chicks: Hit the road with Atlanta’s Dykes on Bikes

They have a reserved spot leading the Atlanta Pride parade, but Dykes on Bikes are so much more. They're social justice warriors, comrades and community members. Meet them all.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Good or bad, snow or shine, the week was the week. But now is now. Shuck off the past with LGBT events that put the gay in your day from all the folks who put the queer in your year.

10 formerly derogatory words LGBTQs have reclaimed as our own

Slurs can be hurtful. When we use them as a term of endearment or twist the concepts, we reclaim our terms, remove their power, and shift their meanings in our favor. Here are our top ten.

Q mag: How to reclaim queer slurs and wield them as armor

Call us by our names. That's the message in the latest Q magazine. Meet leaders of the pack Atlanta's Dykes on Bikes, turn certain terms in your favor, and find fresh takes on reinventing yourself.

Say his name: Why the LGBTQ movement must remember Tyron Garner

The unsung hero quashing sodomy laws, the way he was milked in the process, and how the movement for LGBTQ rights is sometimes paved over the backs of our most beautiful misfits.