How to take the high road when two groomzillas don’t make a right

Whether you are head queen in charge of a gaggle of gabbing gay groomsmen, or the odd queer out from a high school clique, you have issues. Advice from Life Judge can help.

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In a personal reflection about the state of LGBTQ Atlanta, a local woman looks at demographics, capitalized indie culture and the city itself for clues to how the community can survive and thrive.

At the intersection of black, pansexual and disabled

In high school, I was talking with two people I thought were my friends about our futures, and I wanted to go to college, have a career in higher education, and get married.

Photographer Jon Dean leads Wussy’s Southern revolt

Atlanta artist, publisher and event promoter Jon Dean lets Q magazine in on his work, his friends, and the local queer conversations that inspired his Wussy brand of events and publications.

Queer ATLiens take matters into their own hands

Under the Unthinkable Administration, hanging onto high hopes for change isn't enough. In this issue of Q, meet queer Atlanta allies, leaders, doulas and Southerners taking matters into our own hands.

Queer prepper: The transman with a plan to survive Trump’s America

How a queer Atlanta prepper’s lifetime of worry, handwringing and planning for the worst can actually empower and comfort queer resisters through the uncertain future of the Trump years.

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10 queer things to do while you R-E-S-I-S-T

Revolution and resistance are part and parcel of queer identity. While others learn to express non-traditional lives as opposition to the Trump regime, LGBTQ communities are already rolling with ours.

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With the floor swept and the lights up on a new post-Jungle era, what’s next? A chat with Richard Cherskov about the demise of the club, and the future of Atlanta's LGBTQ nightlife.

Meet Q magazine, the next generation of queer Atlanta media

Meet the runoff candidates out for LGBTQ votes, a trans prepper resisting Trump, a Who’s Who of post-Jungle bar owners, and Q magazine, the next generation of local queer print media.