Three coming out stories, three shows of strength

At 15 or 55, and whether everyone knows, no one know, or just your Mammaw is clueless to your secrets, it isn't easy to set yourself free. The Q has advice for three versions of strength.

Queer Atlanta pet parents expose their puppy love

Photographer James L. Hicks shoots this week’s Pet Parents feature. Meet his latest subjects and their four-legged friends, a local lesbian-run rescue, and some resources for pet owners.

Lumbersexuals ready to give Heretic the ManShaft

You’ve been caught in the woods with these guys before. You’d think with prior knowledge that you’d be ready, but nothing ever quite prepares us for ManShaft, set for Saturday.

Atlanta trans band Exquisite Gender ready to rock for equality

Meet the local all-transgender rock band making its first concert debut with a fundraiser for Georgia Equality's AIDSwatch Scholarship Initiative at Out Front Theatre.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

It’s hard out there for a queer during the workweek. Can we get an amen? Now get your LGBTQ weekend rewards during the shows, soirees and seminars on Atlanta’s Queer Agenda calendar.

Stop telling the lie that all queer bars are ‘safe spaces’ for diversity

Out Atlanta comic Ian Aber says we tell ourselves that LGBTQ bars are equal for everyone, but performers and people of color know differently. Aber shows the receipts.

Meet queer Atlanta animal lovers, archetypes and advocates in new Q

With local LGBTQ animal lovers sitting for photographer James L. Hicks, to the lies we tell ourselves about racism, Q goes from your dearest queer heart to our darkest queer tendencies.

I’m with them: Boundaries help polyamorous relationships work

Out Atlanta counselor Alexandra Tyler presents her first in a series of enlightening articles exploring relationships between more than two people, this time on navigating expectations.

10 Queer Things: Sure signs that your boo is over you

You tell yourself all kinds of stories about their behavior, but look around. We asked queer Atlantans how they knew their loved one was already all but gone. Here’s how you can tell.

Listen Up: Queercore show at The Earl channels MondoHomo

Besides the MondoHomo festival in the mid-2000s, queer representation in Georgia bands has mostly been sparse over the decades. Now get ready for some Queercore.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Don’t let rain wash out your hopes for an amazing LGBTQ weekend. The Queer Agenda has performers united, partiers unchained, a fab annual benefit, and everything in between.

Deep South welcomes queer British party crew to Atlanta

DJ Vicki Powell heard London calling, and she answered. The legendary local lesbian DJ hosts the Horse Meat Disco guys and their all-out, all-in, retro revival of queer celebration.

DJ Vicki Powell introduces ‘Meat,’ beats and manifestos in Q mag

Queers of a certain age will love that electronic music again dominates the LGBTQ underground,and two Atlanta events in Q magazine this week channel alternaqueers of yore.

Bid on beef and beefcake in Bucks ‘Meat Raffle’

The gay jocks of Atlanta Bucks Rugby Football Club get creative in this weekend's bachelor auction at Woof's, wherein bachelors and actual accompanying charcuterie are up for bids.

Six queer Atlanta love stories doing Valentine’s Day their way

Making love is an endeavor unique to each bond, and the queers in this Q magazine feature prove it in their stories and in stunning pics by LGBTQ Atlantan Jon Dean.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

There you sit, all kinds of fabulous with no place to go. Wrong! LGBT Atlanta would never let you down like that. The Queer Agenda offers all the local events you need to gay up your days off.

Beyond Burkhart’s: Black folks pay price for LGBTQ Atlanta racism

Jim Crow: The Club Remix is columnist Eric Paulk's idea that there's a cover charge every time a black LGBTQ person walks into any predominantly white gay bar in Atlanta.

Queer Atlanta couples and throuples cover Q mag’s Love Issue

‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ RuPaul’s signature, with its accompanying “Everybody say love” inspires the Valentine Week issue of Q.

Interracial, Southern and gay: our life in ‘The Swirl’

Atlanta man reaches out in first column ever to expose his take as part of an interracial gay couple and the unique challenges they face beyond other same-sex relationships.

Keeping it together: Tackling queer mental health challenges

We aren't inherently crazier than everyone else, of course, but a disproportionate number struggle. Here's what we face, why, and resources to begin nursing your way out.