La Choloteca’s queer Latinx party reign to ring in 2018

La Choloteca was one of the fastest growing parties of 2017. Their signature festivity is the magical glue that binds a truly mixed crowd, and now it's set to happen again on New Year's Eve.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta over New Year’s Weekend

Atlanta’s LGBTQ New Year’s Eve parties are a festival of choices built into a big gay weekend, but don’t wait to celebrate. Events start Friday to ensure you a happy new queer indeed.

Pick up Q for Happy New Queer parties and 2018 plans

Imagine New Year’s Eve as your front-seat perspective of both the rear-view mirror and the road through the windshield. Whatever’s ahead and whatever’s behind, at least we’re in the driver’s seat.

10 queer quotes to inspire your New Year and your life

Words of wisdom by, for, or about LGBTQIA Ghosts of Christmases Past place us in context of history and urge us forward as individuals and as a movement to forge the next chapter.

15 fabulous things to do in Atlanta on Christmas Day

Can’t, won’t, or don’t do Christmas? Grab your favorite queers and hit these suggestions for events, venues and activities on Dec. 25 so you can find your own reason for the season.

Judy Gold hits ATL with humor in her heart and the F Word on her lips

Veteran writer, actress and comedian Judy Gold hits Atlanta Monday night with love-over-hate for the social movements that the current "bunch of idiots" administration has launched.

Making holiday magic on the Island of Misfit Toys

How I found Christmas with a gay elf with swoopy hair who ventures off with a flying dog and a lumbersexual to find a misfit paradise ruled by a gruff white-haired bear daddy with a heart of gold.

Latest Q mag wishes Atlanta a very merry Queer-mas and beyond

It’s almost time to bid adieu to the holiday queers in Atlanta’s LGBTQ village. Start moving beyond the holidays on the Big Day itself with Q's options for making Monday bright without Christmas.

Genitals are none of your business, and other rules of trans support

Dos & Donts of supporting our transgender brothers and sisters might sound obvious, until even members of our own LGBTQ community mess them up. Here are some rules of thumb.

‘The Trans Hillbilly’ presents your queer prepper gift guide

Whether it’s “wintery mix” shutting down the city, or our zany way of setting interstates on fire, Atlanta is going to Atlanta. Our transman with a plan says survival is a gift that's always on trend in ATL.

Christmas ‘Miracle’ is the gayest thing in Atlanta right now

The holiday theme pop-up bar Miracle on Monroe. nestled snugly in Midtown Promenade adjacent to the art cinema and across from Apres Diem, could be the queerest thing you do this season.

10 ways to smash the patriarchy no matter your gender or sexuality

Fed up with a system of gender-biased oppression that keeps every one of us down, here’s how female, male, non-binary, cis and trans folks can all be feminists and do better in our daily lives.

So CLUTCH: Queer fundraising beyond ‘dance parties and drag’

Queer organizers from multiple Atlanta's Queer Trans People of Color communities join forces for fundraising that 'won't confine our experience' to benefit underserved LGBTQ non-profits.

Dodging homophobia and paranoia to save a dog named Beyonce

Either this foster dog mom was as homophobic as a straight person can get, or I was being paranoid that the adoption people were gas lighting me. Or both. Either way, I was getting that dog.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

That cool, crisp wind in your skirts says it’s time to air out from a hard-fought workweek. Flap in the downtime breeze of these LGBTQ holiday events, one-night-only concerts, and annual celebrations.

Smashing patriarchy and other worthy pastimes in this week’s Q

Terminal Uniqueness has run rampant, and we have important work to be done instead. Yes, we celebrate every shade in the LGBTQ rainbow, but what makes you so special?

Meet the Atlanta Sisters as they spread cosmic joy

Those gay male nuns you’ve noticed throughout Queer Atlanta are on a mission … from God? Goddess? The Queer Force? Whatever, let's just say that their hearts in the right place.

12 queer Atlanta charities to show the year-end love

While you’re making lists and checking them twice, remember the worthy non-profits making life better for local LGBTQ people. Give these queer causes a gift that keeps giving all year.

When your honey cheats on you but you ‘were on a break’

Whether you're a woman who's girlfriend stepped out on you and flaunted it all over town, or you're considering sleeping with your 'slut-puppy' boss, Life Judge has answers in The Q.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Busy busy busy. LGBTQ Atlanta is like the magician in ‘Frosty the Snow Man’ – so much to do, so little time, and so much flair for the fabulous. Channel your queer magic and get in on these events.