Biker Chicks: Hit the road with Atlanta’s Dykes on Bikes

They have a reserved spot leading the Atlanta Pride parade, but Dykes on Bikes are so much more. They're social justice warriors, comrades and community members. Meet them all.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Good or bad, snow or shine, the week was the week. But now is now. Shuck off the past with LGBT events that put the gay in your day from all the folks who put the queer in your year.

10 formerly derogatory words LGBTQs have reclaimed as our own

Slurs can be hurtful. When we use them as a term of endearment or twist the concepts, we reclaim our terms, remove their power, and shift their meanings in our favor. Here are our top ten.

Q mag: How to reclaim queer slurs and wield them as armor

Call us by our names. That's the message in the latest Q magazine. Meet leaders of the pack Atlanta's Dykes on Bikes, turn certain terms in your favor, and find fresh takes on reinventing yourself.

Say his name: Why the LGBTQ movement must remember Tyron Garner

The unsung hero quashing sodomy laws, the way he was milked in the process, and how the movement for LGBTQ rights is sometimes paved over the backs of our most beautiful misfits.

When that older man treating you like a sub is so not your daddy

If an older man wants to make you princess and you're not the one, or when a so-called ‘friend’ chokes on his own HIV stigma, it's time to ask Life Judge. It's The Q.

Fashionable queers letting their hair put color in winter

Bundled up to your eyeballs, one of the only places to add color in the bleak midwinter is our hair. This year, it's in totally unnatural, completely vibrant and entirely fabulous hues.

Trans woman dodges ‘chasers’ before saying, let’s get (or not get) physical

Atlanta writer discusses "trans chasers" who fetishize her make meaningful connections tough, and suggests ways to avoid being one of them.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The last three-day holiday weekend until Easter packs a gay punch for MLK Day in Atlanta. Parties, performances, mixers, meetings and more stay busy through Monday.

‘Winter Pride’ events put the LGBTQ in ATL MLK

King Weekend means one thing to Atlanta LGBTs of color: Winter Pride. Meet the major players with enough parties and plans to crank reverence and revelry to full tilt.

Q mag welcomes packed MLK Weekend to queer Atlanta

From voices on POC recognition, to parties for MLK Weekend, to popping vivid hair hues for winter, this issue of Q magazine tells colorful LGBTQ stories.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend

The holigays are over, but LGBT events the first weekend of the New Year don’t skip a beat. There are too many theme parties, variety shows and playoff games to slow your roll.

When a friend takes up dating your toxic ex

Whether your sweetie is too clingy but it's about you, or your P.O.S. ex is wreaking havoc and it's not, you ask The Q, and Life Judge helps spread the love.

Single again? Here are 10 of the best things about flying solo

So you broke up. It’s not all dinner for one and lonely longing, not by a long shot. In fact, you're free in these specific ways to do what you want, when you want, and who you want.

It is about race: A call for justice in the LGBTQ rights movement

There must be recognition that racial justice, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and the murdering of black people by police are LGBTQ rights issues. Now is the time.

10 ‘new beginning’ resolutions you can totally keep in 2018

Rather than over-reaching for ill-conceived New Year goals, commit to these new ones, and take them to heart. Not only are they doable, you’ll actually be a better you by year's end.

La Choloteca’s queer Latinx party reign to ring in 2018

La Choloteca was one of the fastest growing parties of 2017. Their signature festivity is the magical glue that binds a truly mixed crowd, and now it's set to happen again on New Year's Eve.

The best queer things to do in Atlanta over New Year’s Weekend

Atlanta’s LGBTQ New Year’s Eve parties are a festival of choices built into a big gay weekend, but don’t wait to celebrate. Events start Friday to ensure you a happy new queer indeed.

Pick up Q for Happy New Queer parties and 2018 plans

Imagine New Year’s Eve as your front-seat perspective of both the rear-view mirror and the road through the windshield. Whatever’s ahead and whatever’s behind, at least we’re in the driver’s seat.

10 queer quotes to inspire your New Year and your life

Words of wisdom by, for, or about LGBTQIA Ghosts of Christmases Past place us in context of history and urge us forward as individuals and as a movement to forge the next chapter.