10 ways to keep queer culture alive in Atlanta

Before supporting and preserving queer culture in a world where assimilation seems to be the modus operandi, let's define what it is.

QATLus turns spotlight on LGBTQ arts and culture

Virtual and distanced, two film festivals turn their lights and cameras toward Atlanta and are ready for action. Q ATLus magazine highlights all of...

Capitol inclusivity is integral to LGBTQ Senate staffer’s experience

Kris Brown learned a lot running political campaigns, but identifying as queer was their first foray into political awareness. It's a path that now...

Why so many of us play doormat to get a little love

Relationship troubles are even worse if you let people walk all over you. It’s exhausting, and you’ve both gotten used to the arrangement.

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The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta over Valentine’s Weekend

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Q ATLus comes at love for Valentine’s Day

You and your boo have a love that’s here to stay. Or you don’t. Fate is fickle. We’re not fortune tellers. But the Valentine...

Is cybersex still cheating, and are lies of omission still… lies?

Q: I didn’t plan it, but after breaking up with my ex a couple months ago, I started hooking up with his best friend....

The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta this weekend

At-home movies, a winsome memorial for a local legend, two virtual Black HIV Awareness Day broadcasts and the Super Bowl headline a long list...

LGBTQ staffer makes a difference under the Gold Dome

For Matthew Yarbrough, piecing together a career under the Gold Dome is about a persistent passion for politics. It’s definitely not about permanence. “If you...

Let’s set 2021 free from ‘influencers’ and bad influences

In 2021, I predict the return of "the American president," the end of the Kardashian empire, and a transition away from internet and social...

Q ATLus remembers Black History weaves us together all year

Black History Month arrives with extra attention on issues and people, as well it should. Too often, though, wider public attention fizzles as the...

Those ‘FML’ people and what constant whining really means

When it becomes a habit to lean on those who can’t do anything but empathize, you’re mischaracterizing their responsibility in your relationship. You’re not asking for help. You’re just listing your grievances.

10 signs that LGBTQ rights fights are shifting culture

When the going gets rough, it's empowering to look up from queer battles and headaches to acknowledge both the subtle and blatant changes all around us as signs of the times.

Felicia Moore launches campaign for Atlanta mayor

City Council President Felicia Moore – arguing that Atlanta faces a “critical juncture” – launched her campaign for mayor on Thursday. She hopes to...

The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether you’re online and in PJs or in person and in a mask, LGBTQ weekend events in Atlanta are ready for you. Sundance is...

Q ATLus plots slow, sure LGBTQ progress across Atlanta

Two steps forward, one step back. If that sounds like the process of LGBTQ life in Atlanta, it is. That’s why it’s a full-time...

Three breakups, six hearts and one difficult solution

Breaking up is hard to do, and every split feels like the worst one, ever. A look at what you can do, and what you should avoid, as The Q tries to apply some solutions as salve.

The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Ronatimes call for pandemic measures. LGBTQ Atlanta does what you used to do, except with masks, distancing and a heaping helping of online alternatives...

So you want to be a transgender ally

Help expand the spirit of Trans Day of Visibility throughout the year with lessons on how cisgender folks can engage with, think about, and include trans brothers and sisters.