Q ATLus spies past, present and future of LGBTQ culture

LGBTQ culture was founded on a fight for variance, for justice, and the right to be whoever we want and live however we want. But...

In the ‘Zone: GAYmers geek out on Hump Day at Heretic

Forget what you heard. Heretic is not just a weekend hotspot, and please catch up if you think that video-gaming is only for straight...

10 personal promises everyone in LGBTQ Atlanta can make and keep

Whether you torture yourself with goals or set impossible standards, there are some things we can resolve to do better for ourselves and everyone...

Um, I think my date just bailed without saying goodbye

"Some 90 minutes and several questions from friends about his absence later, I got a return text, “I’m fine.” Then another “I went home.”...

Q ATLus wraps weirdest summer ever with Labor Day issue

Labor Day brings another 2020 calendar milestone.  Even in a pandemic, LGBTQ Atlanta and Q ATLus have ways for you to celebrate. Our cover story...

10 aspects of LGBTQ identity that aren’t going anywhere

Whether you're Team Queer Culture, Team Assimilation, or Team Both Worlds, check out our in-depth discussion on the erasure of queer culture, then take...

The best LGBTQ virtual and IRL things to do in Atlanta this weekend

LGBTQ events in Atlanta are ready to spice up your Friday through Sunday, whether you choose to stay home with streaming events, or safely distance in person.

Q ATLus keeps your mind engaged and your calendar full

Whether you emerge with appropriate distance and accessories or stay huddled in air-conditioned isolation, this issue of Q ATLus is here for you.

Red flag: When declining sex reveals his fragile gay ego

"He said I sent mixed signals, and that he doesn’t have time for games — all because I didn’t drop everything and drop my...

Sorry. Your #Instacrush doesn’t want to date you

"Sometimes I feel like he’s a messy flirt, starved for attention. Other times, he might not respond at all, then I wonder if maybe he’s the strong silent type that I actually need."

Q ATLus straps on pandemic face masks, but makes it fashion

Michael Kors calls accessories the exclamation point on any look. Still, after six months of sweatpants, it's hard to care. This issue finds ways to keep fashion easy but up our game.

10 best things about coming out as trans or nonbinary

Transgender and nonbinary folks share their thoughts on the best things about coming out, overcoming the fear of the unknown, and setting themselves free...

One person’s continuing journey to non-binary acceptance

As a newly out nonbinary queer person, it’s harder moving about in this new world than I anticipated, similar but different to standing firm in my bisexuality.

Q ATLus serves femme vibes in latest portraits issue

Find lesbians, nonbinary folks, trans women and drag queens channeling their feminine sides in a few of our favorite Q portraits by Jon Dean and James L. Hicks.

10 queer Atlanta influencers crushing it on Instagram

We narrowed a long list to our 10 favorite LGBTQ Instagram follows, each worth a look for original, compelling scrolls beyond the thirsty selfies you may or may not also enjoy.

Both husbands put on pounds, but only one wants to change

I have struggled with my weight for years, and so has my husband. I'm trying to mitigate that with diet and exercise, but he isn't.

The best LGBTQ virtual and IRL things to do in Atlanta this weekend

A pandemic can’t keep you down. Staying home with streaming events, or safely distancing with protocols, LGBTQ Atlanta events are ready to spice up your Friday through Sunday.

Oh, snap! Work of three prolific photographers covers Q ATLus

Q photo essays have always been one of the most popular features on our pages. Year in and year out, the most memorable of those are by Jon Dean, James L. Hicks and Russ Bowen-Youngblood.

Help! I’m old, poz, in recovery and depressed

Throughout my 20s and much of my 30s, I deluded myself that Mr. Right was just around the corner. Nearly 40 now, I’m lonely and haven’t dated in a while. It's a party for one.

The best queer virtual and IRL things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Hunker down with stream queens, or get out with dancing queens. Whatever your call, LGBTQ event planners in Atlanta are committed to your social calendar this Friday through Sunday.