The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta This Weekend

Ronatimes call for pandemic measures. LGBTQ Atlanta does what you used to do, except with masks, distancing and a heaping helping of online alternatives...

So You Want to Be a Transgender Ally

Help expand the spirit of Trans Day of Visibility throughout the year with lessons on how cisgender folks can engage with, think about, and include trans brothers and sisters.

Q ATLus presses midwinter reset button with warming trends

Think temperate thoughts as we get through the coldest part of the year. This week’s Q ATLus magazine snuggles up to some warm fronts...

Help! I’m single and looking but definitely not for ‘this person’

Why are my fellow queers intent on setting me up with crazies and freaks – sorry, but these people are actually crazy and weird, they just are – who would never make a match for me.

Queens make epic pandemic pivots to save Atlanta drag

When coronavirus created nationwide shutdowns last March, artists and entertainers were among those whose steady income evaporated in a matter of days. That includes...

Q ATLus busts out in bold, beautiful color

Busting norms and breaking barriers are part and parcel for LGBTQ Atlanta. This week’s Q ATLus keeps it going with a look at individual...

Atlanta artists create billboards to show ‘Trans People Are Sacred’

Two billboards in Atlanta are drawing second glances for eye-catching graphics, progressive messaging, and a distinct lack of commercial purpose in traditional advertising settings. Welcome...

Oh the tangled web of sex with coworkers

The thrill of office-party hookups, interoffice flirting and longterm secret affairs between coworkers is gone when the jig is up, or the participants realize they don't see eye to eye on what's happening.

Gay frontline workers happily roll up sleeves for COVID vaccine

By now, you’ve probably seen posts from people receiving a dose of COVID-19 vaccines. It’s easy, the side effects are mild and anyone with...

The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta this weekend

Whether it’s barbecue takeout, legislative powwows, distanced drag or virtual discussions you seek, Atlanta’s LGBTQ events are here for your weekend leisure. Scroll down and...

First 2021 Q ATLus dives into relationships and community

We made it. The year and the election cycle are over. Q ATLus magazine kicks off the post-2020 world with a look at one-on-one...

Stalkers and exes who don’t know how to let go

Leaving affections in the past, or forgetting them as never-were, isn't as easy as for some people as others. Whether it's your a-hole ex or your unrequited love, it's time to let it go.

Get to know Atlanta queen LaLa Ri on eve of ‘Drag Race’ debut

A new crop of queens going for broke on “RuPaul’s Drag Race" is only a day away. Yet again, Atlanta boasts not one, but...

The best LGBTQ things to do in Atlanta New Year’s Weekend

Be it virtual or socially distanced, it’s finally, finally (finally!) time to kiss 2020 goodbye. Here are Atlanta’s best event options for Thursday and...

Q ATLus lets go of 2020 and looks ahead to the New Year

Saying goodbye to a year never felt quite as good as this one. Q ATLus does it with some community action, a look ahead,...

10 2021 resolutions for everyone in LGBTQ Atlanta

Whether you torture yourself with individual resolutions or not, there are some things that all of us can resolve to do better in a team effort for all of LGBTQ Atlanta.

Bad Romance: How to love yourself and other people

Fit to fat? Bad romance? D-I-V-O-R-C-E? Ask the Q why self respect and integrity are the keys to common problems queers often face without a solid foundation to make the right call.

Let’s create new LGBTQ holiday traditions of our very own

At the end of every year, countless stores, songs, films, video games, books and TV shows focus solely on what is, quite possibly for...

Q ATLus guides you through the last week of the year

So this is Christmas. Well, not like any other. Oh no, not in 2020. The LGBTQ ATL will ride the weird wave of slow...

LGBTQ rebounds, love clusters and sex losers

Should you worry that you're moving on too quickly after a breakup? Do you think everybody gets laid more than you? Are your ties with friends in knots? Welcome to The Q.